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How COVID-19 vaccine registration will work in South Africa

“Before any COVID-19 vaccines can be made available in South Africa, they must be authorised by South Africa’s medicines regulator – the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).”

via Daily Maverick

A successful Ebola vaccine delivery shows how a COVID-19 vaccine would work in Africa

“The Ebola vaccine developed by Merck also used ultra-cold equipment of about -70 oC and we were able to deploy that vaccine in the Democratic Republic of Congo to respond to the North Kivu outbreak where more than 300,000 people were immunized.”

via Quartz Africa

It’s way past midnight for the South Africa project

“The coronavirus is mostly to blame for the recent collapse, the deterioration in SA’s economic and fiscal strength over the past decade is not the result of external shocks but the government’s failure to change its approach to managing the economy.”

via Financial Mail

East Africa: COVID-19 invades banks, slows down earnings

“Banks’ performance was largely impacted by increased provision on loans and advances in the wake of increased risk of credit default associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via The East African

Nigeria’s COVID-19 waste management policy should include the informal sector

“There is also a lack of guidance on how to adapt regular solid waste management services to a pandemic situation. More important is the absence of a solid waste management policy that includes the informal economy. “

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Creditors fume as the beat goes on

“After the default, the bondholders and Chinese creditors are jostling for priority but secrecy and local politics are blocking a credible solution.”

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The Problem-solver

“When COVID-19 struck Africa and country-wide lockdowns began, Obi Ozor, founder and CEO of Kobo360 —an African company that is digitizing cargo delivery and connecting truck drivers with cargo companies—knew he had to act fast. The only way the business would outlast the pandemic, he realized, was if Kobo360’s operations went 100 percent digital.”

via IFC

COVID-19 and cultural rites

“In a Kenya coping with COVID-19 restrictions, circumcision season presents an impossible choice between tradition and civil obedience.”

via Africa is a Country

Why the developing world needs a bigger pandemic response

“The appeal of SDRs for developing countries is that they fill a gap in the toolkit available to advanced economies: money creation. While advanced economies have been able effectively to print money by buying their own bonds in a world of low or negative interest rates, most developing countries cannot do that without risking instability.”

via Financial Times

WHO urges greater COVID-19 vigilance in Africa as holidays near

“After reporting a downward trend, then a plateau, Africa has been experiencing a rise in cases since early October. Unlike the first wave of cases which was triggered by hotspots in Southern Africa, the latest increase is driven by the North African region, where temperatures are beginning to fall.”

via WHO Africa