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Not waiting for a savior

“The picture of how successfully Africa has combated COVID-19 to date may be up for discussion, but the innovation and ingenuity demonstrated in the continent’s response to the pandemic deserves to be reflected in writing on the global response.”

via Africa is a Country

Morocco: Unrest simmers over economy and COVID-19

“Tempers are rising over COVID-19 and ahead of elections in 2021, while concern grows about King Mohammed VI’s health.”

via Africa Confidential

Restrictions in trade to contain COVID-19 have been devastating for Africa’s urban poor

“In Africa, there’s a growing body of evidence showing that firms – from large to very small – have been severely affected by restrictions in the movement of goods and people. For many this means not only losing a livelihood, but a direct impact on their ability to meet basic needs.”

via The Conversation

African debt to China: ‘A major drain on the poorest countries’

“China’s share of bilateral debt owed by the world’s poorest countries to members of the G20 has risen from 45 percent in 2015 to 63 percent last year, according to the World Bank. For many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, China’s share of bilateral debt is larger still.”

via Financial Times

COVID-19 and migrant remittances: Supporting this essential lifeline under threat

“Facilitating remittance flows is one of the best ways to directly support people in need, provide an economic boost to countries, and thereby quicken an international recovery.”

via Brookings Institution

How should we evaluate lockdowns? Disentangling Effectiveness, Context, and Politics

“In the early stages of the pandemic, there was significant pressure and urgency to respond. Now several months into the response, we are better equipped to assess the effectiveness and necessity of lockdowns, and to determine the most appropriate package of interventions to combat COVID-19.”

via Center for Global Development

Africa’s post-COVID-19 debt crisis is being aggravated by unreliable data and global ratings agencies

“A number of African countries have recently been contesting decisions by credit rating agencies. Some have raised objections that the rating agencies lack understanding of their economic environment.”

via Quartz Africa

Africa needs urgent investment in coronavirus treatments

“Investment in equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and tests should not be seen by wealthy nations as a charitable donation, but rather an essential investment to ensure that everyone is protected. To provide treatments around the world we need $7.2bn. So far, only $300m has been pledged “

via African Business Magazine

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Difficult Road to Recovery

“Policymakers in sub-Saharan Africa now face the added challenge of rekindling their economies with fewer resources and more difficult choices.”

via IMF

Five Important Lessons From Morocco’s COVID-19 Response

“Morocco can take confidence from its early rapid response and the collaboration between the public and private sector, yet the country can benefit from more medical staff, public spending, and further innovation.”

via Morocco World News