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Five ways to have better data after COVID-19

“But the COVID-19 crisis has put data at the centre – we’re all experts now. Real-time data and testing is the only key to safely re-emerging from lockdowns, and we can’t look away from the grim daily tallies of illness and death. What has this spotlight taught us about how to build a better data system?”

via From Poverty to Power

COVID-19 Underscores the Need to Overhaul Social Policies Across Africa

“Social assistance transfers fail to reach the poorest sections of the population in sub-Saharan Africa. The COVID-19 crisis requires an expansion of our relief efforts beyond traditional social transfers, and is a call to re-envision social policy once we emerge from the carnage of this crisis.”

via African Arguments

COVID-19 Poses Formidable Threat for Fragile States in the Middle East and North Africa

“As export earnings suffer and social distancing reduces domestic activity, incomes will decline—especially for informal and low-skilled workers, including within large internally displaced populations and refugees.”

via IMF

‘Finally, a virus got me’: Ebola expert on nearly dying of coronavirus

“Peter Piot, the scientist who helped discover the Ebola virus, and the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has told of his brush with death after contracting COVID-19.”

via The Guardian (Nigeria)

COVID-19 is casting Magufuli in the worst light, in an election year

“2020 is casting Magufuli in the worst of lights. His COVID-19 response throws other, negative aspects of the president and his programme into sharp relief. Instead of validating his vision it is bringing critical, dissenting perspectives to the fore.”

via The Conversation

Macro Notes: SSA Increasingly Reliant on Portfolio Flows

“Non-resident capital flows to SSA have grown dramatically over the last decade and increasingly consist of short-term instruments. As the region is now more integrated into global financial markets than ever before, and less reliant on concessionary funding, it is also more exposed to swings in global risk sentiment, commodity prices, currencies, and interest rates.”

via IIF

Who’s Advising President Weah to Open Churches, Mosques as COVID-19 Case Increase?

“The increase in the country’s cases comes amid President Weah’s discussion to end the nationwide moratorium on church and mosque gatherings across the country — a measure instituted in early March to curtail the spread of the virus.”

via Daily Observer

What West Africa’s resilience can teach the world about COVID-19

“With a rise in populism and associated patterns of scapegoating, response to any crisis in the United States tends to default towards denial, deflection, blame-shifting, and foot-dragging, rather than the proactive, collective response necessary for resilience that is so much more evident in West Africa. Governments in much of the region have responded swiftly and urgently to curb COVID-19, with the memory of the Ebola outbreak still strong.”

via The New Humanitarian

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia: The Private Sector Experience

“With government guidelines limiting transportation and encouraging social distancing and work-from-home measures, there is hope that with the active participation of the private sector, Ethiopia will emerge as unscathed as possible from this global pandemic.”

via CIPE

Off-grid solar companies draw on Ebola lessons to respond to COVID-19

“Chief Executive Officer of LIB Solar noted that to protect staff and customers, his company ‘reverted to Ebola procedures two weeks before the first reported case of COVID-19 in the country.'”