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COVID-19: Bold programmes are needed to mitigate the economic crisis

“The COVID-19 crisis is first and foremost a health and humanitarian crisis that we are all living through, which is likely to have lasting impacts on how we live. It is also likely to have a lasting impact, in the long term, on how we conduct our economic lives. In the short term, we need to urgently consider how we manage the economic impacts in a way that does the least long-term harm.”

via Daily Maverick

In Africa, social distancing is a privilege few can afford

“In South Africa – which declared a national state of disaster because of the pandemic last week – the working classes are navigating how to avoid contamination on cramped public transport on their way to meagre-paying jobs that often only help them live hand-to-mouth, while the more affluent classes empty large chain stores to stockpile as much food and toilet paper as they can.”

via Al Jazeera

Coronavirus: 5 key lessons from the 2014 Ebola outbreak

“When Ebola hit Liberia in 2014, W. Gyude Moore was working as deputy chief of staff for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. He had a front row seat as the administration battled the virus; and has important messages for policy-makers in Africa as they confront the coronavirus pandemic.”

via The Africa Report

Coronavirus: Amid the global pandemic, lessons for Africa

“Since most African countries are within the containment phase of the epidemic curve, time is of the essence, and urgent action to prevent an epidemic should be the overriding objective. African leaders should learn from Asia and Europe.”

via Brookings Institution

COVID-19: Immunising one country and leaving the rest to their fate not enough to protect citizens

“Saudi Arabia, the current chair of the G20, should convene a virtual meeting of all G20 leaders, and include the WHO to co-ordinate responses to fight the virus. This would entail keeping channels of communication open among world leaders on actions they are taking so as to build trust among citizens in their governments’ and international agencies’ responses.”


COVID-19 Has Forced Exams To Be Suspended Across West Africa. Should They Be Overhauled Before They Restart?

“Earlier today the West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) were suspended across Anglophone West Africa due to the threat of COVID-19. Students have been required to vacate schools, uncertain when they will return to earn their leaving credentials.”

via Center for Global Development

How One Small Change Could Better Prepare Africa for the Coronavirus

“The pandemic’s speed in reaching and spreading in Africa currently lags behind that of the developed world… But this does not mean our concern should be less urgent. Many of Africa’s health systems are already over-burdened with ongoing HIV and TB co-pandemics. COVID-19 will have disproportionate lethality on these vulnerable populations.”

via CFR

Blunting the Impact and Hard Choices: Early Lessons from China

“The impact of the coronavirus is having a profound and serious impact on the global economy and has sent policymakers looking for ways to respond. China’s experience so far shows that the right policies make a difference in fighting the disease and mitigating its impact—but some of these policies come with difficult economic tradeoffs.”

via IMF

Podcast: Mitigating Economic Fallout of Coronavirus

“The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on just about every aspect of life around the world. The limited human contact required to contain the spread of the virus is hindering economic activity and in turn, putting enormous pressure on the global economy.”

via IMF

An Ebola veteran shares lessons for COVID-19

“There were three key actions that helped bring the Ebola response under control: behavior change or social distancing; testing and isolating people who were infected, including from their families, to prevent new clusters and bring down infection rates; and separating incident response from regular health care.”

via Devex