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How One Small Change Could Better Prepare Africa for the Coronavirus

“The pandemic’s speed in reaching and spreading in Africa currently lags behind that of the developed world… But this does not mean our concern should be less urgent. Many of Africa’s health systems are already over-burdened with ongoing HIV and TB co-pandemics. COVID-19 will have disproportionate lethality on these vulnerable populations.”

via CFR

Blunting the Impact and Hard Choices: Early Lessons from China

“The impact of the coronavirus is having a profound and serious impact on the global economy and has sent policymakers looking for ways to respond. China’s experience so far shows that the right policies make a difference in fighting the disease and mitigating its impact—but some of these policies come with difficult economic tradeoffs.”

via IMF

Five Key Lessons From Ebola That Can Help Us Win Against Coronavirus, Everywhere

“Ebola taught us painful but valuable lessons. Today, as our fellow political and healthcare leaders across the world confront COVID-19, we share those lessons and five recommendations to strengthen the response. First, slow down the virus — take swift action to temporarily ban public gatherings, close schools and ask your residents to stay at home.”

via Time

Coronavirus and upcoming elections in Africa: What are the options?

“Of the 18 countries in which COVID-19 cases have emerged, nine have yet to go to the polls… Public spaces are being avoided or closed off from the populace in some of the worst affected areas globally. Elections, by their nature, involve mass gatherings in public spaces – how might this change in the presence of COVID-19?”


One Challenge to Africa’s Response to COVID-19: Public Trust in Institutions

“Reported cases of the virus are not yet widespread in Africa, but there is no reason to assume the region will be spared. An all-hands-on-deck approach to delivering critical messages and modeling best practices—one that embraces nongovernmental leaders—should be an urgent priority on the ground.”

via CFR

COVID-19 Is an African Political Crisis as Much as a Health and Economic Emergency

“Africa is speeding toward a political crisis as well as a health and economic catastrophe in the face of the rapidly expanding COVID-19 pandemic. The region’s media and leaders had been slow to come to grips with the threat in part because infection rates were minimal and confined to a few countries throughout February and into the first week of March.”

via CSIS

Strategies for coping with the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa

“While the relatively low number of cases on the continent so far is good news, African policymakers should not be complacent. They should instead use this window of opportunity to take decisive steps to protect their citizens and economies from the pandemic.”

via Brookings Institution

Report: Coronavirus In Sub-Saharan Africa

“Our study found that awareness of the new coronavirus outbreak is high across all countries studied, with 94% of all respondents being aware of the recent outbreak. High awareness is expected given high levels of media coverage of coronavirus even before it had impacted the studied countries. Before cases had been confirmed in each country, there had been media coverage of presumptive cases.”

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Economic diversification a must, as Central Africa faces double-jeopardy with coronavirus

“Economies within the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) will collectively have a 4.7 percentage point drop in their projected GDP growth this year as a result of the severe impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19), which is also projected to cost the entire continent billions of dollars to fight it and half of its growth potential.”

via Economic Commission for Africa

Further Thoughts on the Economic Implications of COVID-19

“One major lesson of past recessions is that monetary policy alone is less successful than combined fiscal stimulus packages. The G-20 should meet (virtually) on an emergency basis and agree on such a program of demand stimulus, and the IMF Board should agree on the SDR allocation.”

via GWSB Growth Dialogue