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Why a pioneering plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines equitably must succeed

“COVAX has to succeed. It is essential for the lowest-income countries, which lack the purchasing power that comes with economies of scale. A pandemic must be managed at a global scale. “

via Nature

As the world moves on with inoculations, region’s vaccine strategy remains unclear

“As countries around the world that are already vaccinating their citizens against COVID-19 debate doses and time frames to protect efficacy, African countries are still struggling to come up with strategies, or not considering any at all.”

via The East African

Stigma, Trust, and procedural integrity: COVID-19 testing in Malawi

“Malawi provides insight into other cases where populations might have concerns about stigma, lack trust in government public health efforts, and doubt the procedural integrity of the testing process.”

via Science Direct

A game changer for social protection? Six reflections on COVID-19 and the future of cash transfers

“The COVID-19 temporary cash transfers are helping; but they operate alongside preexisting structural gaps in social protection. Whether the pandemic can be a game changer for addressing such gaps may depend on how the crisis affects six factors inhibiting coverage pan out in different contexts.”

via World Bank

Lessons from Rwanda’s Fight Against COVID-19

“While some of the world’s richest and most technologically advanced countries have struggled to contain the spread and morbidity of COVID-19, Rwanda has set a shining example of how to manage a pandemic and safeguard public health. Chief among its advantages is a health-care system based on equity, access, and public trust.”

via Gavi

Which African Countries Will Get COVID-19 Vaccines in 2021, and from Where?

“The good news on vaccines is that a month ago, only 8 countries had put aside finance to ordering vaccines. Today, 21 countries have pre-ordered vaccines, and we know for most of those countries how much they are ordering and from whom.”

via Development Reimagined

Mayor of Freetown: ‘Cities need inclusive COVID-19 responses to build back stronger. But we can’t do it alone.’

“95% of Covid-19 cases are reported in urban areas. That puts cities on the frontlines of a global public health crisis that is widening the gap between those with the comfort and safety of a home and those forced to leave their homes behind.”

via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Mapping the long road to recovery

“A lack of reliable data about caseloads and causes of the death, even changes in the death rates, has led to sharp policy changes. Some countries are shutting down again, some are reopening.”

via Africa Confidential

Why COVID-19 vaccines pose ‘equity and social justice concerns’

“To mitigate health inequities and promote social justice, coronavirus vaccines need to get to underserved populations and hard-to-reach communities.”

via The Africa Report

An Africa unconstrained by a self-fulfilling debt narrative will rebound after COVID-19

“Africa’s debt narrative tends to forget the agency of African governments and instead focuses on portraying other players either as saviors or bogeymen.”

via Quartz Africa