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The Global Impact of COVID-19 and Strategies for Mitigation and Suppression

“The world faces a severe and acute public health emergency due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. How individual countries respond in the coming weeks will be critical in influencing the trajectory of national epidemics. Here we combine data on age-specific contact patterns and COVID-19 severity to project the health impact of the pandemic in 202 countries.”

via Imperial College London

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

“Around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak is putting significant strain on countries’ health-care systems, economies, and social fabric. In the months ahead, African countries will face many of the same issues, as well as some impacts that are unique to the continent.”

via Boston Consulting Group

IMF Special Drawing Rights: A key tool for attacking a COVID-19 financial fallout in developing countries

“Last week, we put forward a proposal for a major issuance of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as a key tool to attack the worldwide spread of the financial fallout. In essence, we proposed that IMF members agree to an allocation of the equivalent of at least $500 billion as part of the global response to the crisis.”

via Brookings Institution

Measuring the Impact of Coronavirus on Global SMEs: CGD Publishes a Survey Instrument in Chinese, English, and Spanish

“As governments seek to understand the economic toll the coronavirus is taking on their countries and citizens, we need to gauge the impact on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to ensure that policy measures are appropriately designed to meet their needs.”

via Center for Global Development

More Than $1 Trillion in MDB Firepower Exists as We Approach a COVID-19 “Break the Glass” Moment

“The MDBs and their shareholders will have to make critical decisions in the months ahead about how best to support developing economies and the global economy alike. Recognizing the value of callable capital commitments as a means to maximize surge capacity has long represented a “break the glass” moment. We may very well be facing that moment.”

via Center for Global Development

What a Population’s Age Structure Means for COVID-19’s Impact in Low-Income Countries

“Low-income countries also differ from high-income countries in that they have far fewer elderly citizens, and COVID-19 is not affecting all segments of the population equally. Older individuals are much more likely to be affected… Consider Uganda and Spain, two countries with a similar total population size but with dramatically different age distributions.”

via Center for Global Development

Macro Notes: COVID19-Induced Recession in CEEMEA

“A $100 billion stimulus for sub-Saharan Africa to address the balance of payments shortfall would be around 5.9% of African GDP, similar to the global average, and would be only 3.6% of the global stimulus. Now is the time to protect African lives by investing in the health sector and keeping African economies afloat.”

via IIF

Africa Insiders: The COVID-19 recession is going to hurt

“Coronavirus will not just bring a health crisis, however, but an economic one. Countries further along the pandemic curve are already experiencing immense economic fallout. This begs the question of how COVID-19 will impact Africa’s economies and how African governments could prepare and react.”

via African Arguments

How will COVID-19 affect Africa’s food systems?

“One thing that cannot be put on hold is people’s need to feed themselves. How will the pandemic affect Africa’s supplies? How will it impact people’s ability to buy necessities and subsist? In short, there’s no particular reason to expect Africa’s food supplies to be significantly affected as a direct result of the pandemic.”

via African Arguments

Fighting COVID-19 in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“March 3 2020 was a significant day for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as the last Ebola patient was discharged from a treatment centre in the north-eastern town of Beni. This was a victory for the country… However, it did not take long until the first person with COVID-19 landed in the capital city, Kinshasa.”

via African Business Magazine