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A crisis is not the time to fix the healthcare system

“Citizens embraced the strict early measures and welcomed the government’s explanation for the need for it. But the cost has been very high – to the economy and to individuals – and the hard lockdown was ended before the country approached a peak in the infection rate.”

via Financial Mail

COVID-19: The state cannot save us

“Any society confronting the politics of ‘making live and letting die’ elicited by an epidemic needs to respond at least at two levels. One is at the level of state, which is required to act on behalf of society as a whole, ensuring the availability of resources within large systems and networks, and shaping the broader risk environment. The other is at the level of everyday life, in which individuals and communities must mobilise an ethics and technology of care for self and others, changing their behaviours locally to reduce the risk of transmission.”

via African Arguments

People living with HIV, TB at two to three-fold higher risk of COVID-19 death

“People with TB and HIV have a two to three-fold increased risk of dying of COVID-19, according to data released by the Western Cape health department today. Although the data shows an increased risk, the risk is lower than what researchers expected.”

via Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism

As COVID-19 Reaches Africa, A New Savior Emerges – Africans

“As the coronavirus swept across the world, Africans had a growing sense that they were on their own. If there were going to be a savior, it would be Africans themselves.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Interview with Ethel Mwambazi Kandiwo: COVID-19 and the Zambian Media and Advertising Industry

Ethel Mwambazi Kandiwo, Managing Director at BlackDot Media, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about how the pandemic is affecting the media and advertising world in Zambia.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

COVID-19: Hurdles Nigeria may face easing lockdown

“Although lockdown rules have been gradually eased over the past four weeks with a partial opening of businesses and offices, the general COVID-19 alert level has not been relaxed and there are forecasts of spikes of cases in the event of further relaxation of restrictions.”

via Vanguard

No time to take ‘foot off the pedal’ as coronavirus pandemic worsens: WHO

“The COVID-19 caseload is approaching seven million worldwide, with nearly 400,000 deaths. WHO said more than 100,000 cases have been reported on nine of the past 10 days, culminating in the highest one-day total so far, on Sunday.”

via UN News

Is the world making progress against the pandemic? We built the chart to answer this question

“With the COVID-19 pandemic we are in the unfortunate situation that the number of total cases is not known. Only a fraction of total cases – those confirmed by a test – is known.”

via Our World in Data

Updated estimates of the impact of COVID-19 on global poverty

“Under the baseline scenario we estimate that COVID-19 will push 71 million into extreme poverty, measured at the international poverty line of $1.90 per day. With the downside scenario, this increases to 100 million.”

via World Bank

What Kenya must look out for before easing COVID-19 restrictions

“The overall impact of curbing the spread of infections has been the key goal. But there is still a need to include economic safety nets to cushion the poor and vulnerable populations while providing security.”

via The Star