News & Analysis: Angola

Macro Notes: BoP Shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa

“External deficits will likely persist despite significantly weaker domestic demand and import compression. Although SSA countries export a diverse range of commodities, prices for most major exports have fallen in recent months.”

via IIF

The Post-COVID-19 Economic Challenges for the African Continent

The post-pandemic world will be a less forgiving one, writes Professor Danny Leipziger on African debt distress in the wake of COVID-19.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Are African Countries Easing Lockdown Too Early?

“Many are replacing lockdowns with curfews and mandatory facemasks in public spaces alongside the basic social distancing measures, while pushing up domestic production by local textiles and apparel factories to repurpose as well as small-scale tailors to meet demand for masks.”

via Development Reimagined

Southern Africa’s agricultural producers fear export losses from COVID-19

“From Angola to Zimbabwe, Southern Africa’s fragile economies are rattled by the coronavirus pandemic. Countries in the region have declared states of emergency and imposed lockdowns, shutting borders, sea ports and reducing daily business activity in order to curb the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable communities. The impact on agricultural producers and informal traders is likely to be severe.”

via African Business Magazine

How to ensure Africa has the financial resources to address COVID-19 (podcast)

“In Africa’s case, the economic crisis actually preceded the health crisis because it started out in the advanced economies and also in China. Africa began to feel the effects before it started to register a significant number of cases on the continent.”

via Brookings Institution

Which emerging markets are in most financial peril?

“As the pandemic wreaks havoc on economies and public finances, the natural question is: who’s next? More than 100 countries, including South Africa, have asked the imf for help.”

via The Economist

As Oil Collapses, so Does a Vital Source of African Revenue

“Accompanying the misery of the coronavirus pandemic has been an ongoing crisis in the oil industry. While the scale and tragedy of the coronavirus is front and center in our minds, the collapse of oil is more abstract, and its long term consequences will be serious.”

via Council on Foreign Relations

The Coronavirus’s Impact Throughout Africa (podcast)

“Michelle D. Gavin, CFR’s senior fellow for Africa studies, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss how the novel coronavirus is affecting Angola, Botswana, Sudan, and other nations throughout Africa.”

via Council on Foreign Relations

Africa’s Pulse: Assessing the Economic Impact of COVID-19 and Policy Responses in Sub-Saharan Africa

“Despite a late arrival, the COVID-19 virus has spread rapidly across Sub-Saharan Africa in recent weeks. Economic growth is projected to decline from 2.4 percent in 2019 to -2.1 to -5.1 percent in 2020, the first recession in the region in 25 years… African countries will require financial assistance from their development partners–including COVID-19 related multilateral assistance and a debt service stand-still with official bilateral creditors.”

via World Bank

Tough times ahead for African oil producers

“The closed borders and travel bans that have accompanied the spread of the novel coronavirus have dramatically dampened the demand for oil, leading to a precipitous decline in prices. This will have significant economic knock-on effects for all of Sub-Saharan Africa’s top producers.”

via Atlantic Council