News & Analysis: Egypt

Meeting Africa’s urgent liquidity needs while protecting its access to international markets

“A solution to finance Africa’s commercial debt service could free up over $44bn of fiscal space for Africa in 2020, providing immediate liquidity to governments – a much needed immediate bridge to renewed growth for Africa and the global economy.”

via New African Magazine

Egypt’s Most Vulnerable and COVID-19

“For Egypt’s refugee community, numbering 256,632 officially registered asylum-seekers and refugees, COVID-19 has been particularly difficult. Not eligible for government cash assistance and without financial support from non-profit organizations, many refugees now find themselves unemployed and unable to receive any help.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

IMF Executive Board Approves US$2.772 Billion in Emergency Support to Egypt to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund approved Egypt’s request for emergency financial assistance of SDR 2,037.1 million (US$ 2.772 billion, 100 percent of quota) under the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) to meet the urgent balance of payments needs stemming from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via IMF

Coronavirus in Africa: Prison fever

“What are the consequences of the pandemic on the living conditions in African prisons?”

via Prison Insider

Prisons in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Africa

“There have been calls to release detainees, usually coming from NGOs (in South Africa and Cameroon for example) and lawyers (in Algeria), in order to allow health authorities to be able to monitor and protect the prison environment.”

via African Arguments

Coronavirus shuts down Africa’s tourist industry

“Africa’s hotels, tour operators, and airlines are all reeling from the impact of coronavirus.”

via African Business Magazine

The Post-COVID-19 Economic Challenges for the African Continent

The post-pandemic world will be a less forgiving one, writes Professor Danny Leipziger on African debt distress in the wake of COVID-19.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

How to ensure Africa has the financial resources to address COVID-19 (podcast)

“In Africa’s case, the economic crisis actually preceded the health crisis because it started out in the advanced economies and also in China. Africa began to feel the effects before it started to register a significant number of cases on the continent.”

via Brookings Institution

COVID-19: Lockdown Exit Strategies for Africa

“One-month full lockdown across Africa would cost the continent about 2.5% of its annual GDP ($65 billion), in addition to wider external shock of lower commodity prices and investment flows.”


Five African countries with ongoing coronavirus trials

“The African Union’s Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has outlined ongoing trials for COVID-19, as part of the continent’s stride for treatment and vaccination of the virus.In total, different trials were ongoing in Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria, Tunisia and South Africa. The Africa CDC admitted that comparatively few treatments were taking place on the continent.”

via Africa News