News & Analysis: Ghana

Lives or livelihoods

“Poorer countries face challenges similar to those of advanced economies, but more acutely because of greater inequality, large informal sectors and difficulties with sanitation and social distancing in cramped informal settlements. That goes along with fragile health systems which have, once again, revealed structural weaknesses during the crisis.”


Local pharma makers pursue COVID-19 vaccine deals

“The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana has begun moves to pursue the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines for onward distribution across the country. PMAG will be petitioning government for support to achieve this aim for economic transformation and to boost the sector’s fortunes.”

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The Problem-solver

“When COVID-19 struck Africa and country-wide lockdowns began, Obi Ozor, founder and CEO of Kobo360 —an African company that is digitizing cargo delivery and connecting truck drivers with cargo companies—knew he had to act fast. The only way the business would outlast the pandemic, he realized, was if Kobo360’s operations went 100 percent digital.”

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Ghana: Banks’ COVID-19 moratorium for businesses should be extended – Fidelity Bank MD

“Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Mr. Opuni says that even though the economy seems to be picking up the pieces together, it has still not resulted in a complete recovery for businesses, hence, banks should consider extending the six-month moratorium they extended to these enterprises.”

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The value of partnerships in Africa post COVID-19

“Authentic, broad-based economic recovery relies on a thread of partnership through all business and banking engagements on the continent, pulling together financial institutions, corporations, governments and communities to co-create a sustainable future.”

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Jerry Rawlings, ex-Ghanaian president, dies from COVID-19

“Former President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana has died from complications of COVID-19.”

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How can countries continue to combat malaria during a pandemic?

“Due to disruptions of the delivery of mosquito nets and anti-malarial medicines this year, the WHO has warned that malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could double. In fact, it is possible that disruptions due to COVID-19 will result in more deaths from malaria, TB and HIV than the coronavirus itself.”

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World Bank Group Supports Ghana To Boost its COVID-19 Response

“The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved an additional credit of $130 million from the International Development Association (IDA) for the Ghana COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Project.”

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Retail in COVID-19 times: innovation, e-commerce, and scaling successfully

“Indeed, it seems quite evident that companies that invest courageously and timely in pivoting their businesses toward the behavioural changes can capture market shares and emerge as market leaders post-pandemic.”

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Adopt an Enhanced Revenue Mobilisation System to increase internally generated funds

“The economic disruptions of COVID-19 have put local government revenue in Ghana in a dire state. James Dzansi, IGC Country Economist in Ghana, argues that local governments must urgently adopt the digital Enhanced Revenue Management System to increase their capacities to deliver essential services to their citizens.”

via International Growth Centre