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Kenyans Seeking Medical Treatment in India Stranded as COVID-19 Cases Soar

“As COVID-19 cases soar in India, Kenyans seeking specialised medical treatment in the Asian country have been having a hard time as hospitals fill to capacity with patients.”

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Key Lessons Kenyans Should Learn from India’s Alarming COVID-19 Backslide

“Kenyans must realize that COVID-19 is still here with us, and the situation could easily get out of hand if we are not careful.”

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Kenya: Gov’t to Import Johnson & Johnson Vaccines to Back up AstraZeneca Jabs

“The government’s decision to import the Johnson & Johnson vaccines had been invoked by challenges in the global supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to the situation in India.”

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Peer-to-peer communication in East and West Africa may help promote COVID-19 policy compliance

“While many countries have adopted top-down approaches to COVID-19 prevention, such as mandating certain health behaviours, our research suggests that peer-to-peer messaging may also be an important way for health behaviours to spread.”

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Kenyans suffer as hospitals face acute oxygen shortage

“We used to refill the oxygen at around 2,000 Kenyan shillings ($20). Now the price has soared, and the demand is high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a refill costs us two or three times the amount because there’s a shortage.”

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Kenya: Ministry warns countries against hoarding vaccines

“The Health Ministry has called on counties hoarding COVID-19 vaccines to release them and ensure all eligible Kenyans get vaccinated as outlined in the Phase I schedule.”

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COVID-19 in Africa: Youth at the Fore

“Young volunteers leading COVID-19 campaigns are connecting with and engaging local leaders—women’s groups, teachers, priests, imams, village heads, healers, and elders—in their communities. Together they are devising microsolutions needed to isolate patients, care for the ill, implement social distancing within existing conditions, and support families in distress.”

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Kenya: The urgent search for life-saving medical oxygen

“In a recent survey of emergency care centres across Kenya, over 30 percent of the facilities did not have a regular supply of oxygen. Close to 90 percent of those with oxygen did not have piped oxygen in the emergency department and delivered oxygen directly from the tanks to the patient.”

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Kenya’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout has got off to a slow start

“One month into the exercise, just over 280,000 people had been vaccinated. This is slow relative to the targets the government has set. And a lot of catching up will be needed in the next two months.”

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Gov’t to Introduce New Taxes, Limit Hiring and Cut Employees’ Allowances to Meet IMF Conditions

“This will be accomplished through continued restraint in hiring and wage awards (including in the four-year wage agreement that will come into effect in FY2021/22) and by improved wage-bill management.”

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