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African Fiscal Vulnerabilities: Effects of 2020 Global Support Initiatives

“Fiscal vulnerabilities among African sovereigns had been building up in the years leading to 2020’s pandemic, driven by challenging economic conditions; unfavourable changes in exchange rates and commodity prices; in addition to significant borrowing, including loans from China, which today is Africa’s largest bilateral lender, alongside greater bond issuance.”

via Scope Ratings

COVID-19 Heightens Stakes for Migrants in the Mediterranean

“COVID-19 has left every state looking inwards to the point where the only individuals moving outwards, those who are fleeing conflict or seeking better opportunities notwithstanding the pandemic, are met with ‘unsafe’ harbors and closed borders.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Including Immigrants is Good Policy Not Just During the Pandemic, but Afterwards Too

“Amidst the pandemic, inclusion is both the moral approach and essential to a robust and effective response that protects citizens. Singapore provides a cautionary tale.”


The pandemic has shifted patterns of conflict in Africa

“In Africa, it was hoped that movement restrictions and fear of infection might halt fighting, creating space for dialogue in even the most intractable conflicts. Yet… tracking activity over the past 10 weeks, ACLED found that conflict rates held steady across the continent, but patterns of violence have shifted as armed groups and governments take advantage of the pandemic to make moves on political priorities.”

via Mail & Guardian

COVID-19: Implications for the ‘digital divide’ in Africa

“COVID-19 has emphasised the ‘digital divide’, a term referring to the uneven access to/distribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in societies, which is a global problem. However, it is even more pronounced on the African continent”


COVID-19 Poses Formidable Threat for Fragile States in the Middle East and North Africa

“As export earnings suffer and social distancing reduces domestic activity, incomes will decline—especially for informal and low-skilled workers, including within large internally displaced populations and refugees.”

via IMF

Coronavirus in Africa: Prison fever

“What are the consequences of the pandemic on the living conditions in African prisons?”

via Prison Insider

How has human smuggling changed under COVID-19?

“New evidence gathered by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime suggests growing hostility towards human smuggling in regions where the activity is deeply entrenched in the political economy.”

via African Arguments

Coronavirus border closures strand tens of thousands of people across Africa

“Tens of thousands of migrants are trapped in dangerous conditions at frontiers, mines, ports and in transit camps across Africa after states shut their borders in an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19.”

via The Guardian

COVID-19: A test for Russia’s African ambitions

“Russia has far closer long-term partnerships with Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco than other African countries. These relationships are built on arrangements such as arms sales, the construction of nuclear power plants, oil and gas projects, and agricultural exports.”

via European Council on Foreign Relations