News & Analysis: Madagascar

COVID-19 inflames election violence in Africa

“COVID-19 may have increased the risk of electoral violence in four key ways: facilitating clampdowns on political opposition, fueling the proliferation of disinformation, worsening economic fragility and delaying elections.”

via African Business Magazine

The countries that don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine

“Countries are disadvantaging their citizens by not participating in COVAX, as this may lead to international organizations that work in these countries acquiring vaccines for their staffers while citizens are left behind.”

via Devex

COVID-19: What happens if some countries don’t vaccinate?

“In countries where no significant proportion of the population is vaccinated, there is a huge risk of sustained community spread of COVID-19 over a prolonged period.”

via The Conversation

The dangers of playing politics with COVID-19 cures

“President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar announced that a plant-based tonic, Covid Organics, was an effective treatment for COVID-19. Scepticism over the claim was countered not with rigorous scientific evidence but politicised rhetoric.”

via African Arguments

In southern Madagascar, ‘nothing to feed our children’

“Mothers are now trying to feed their children with unripe mangoes, and with tamarind mixed with clay. Many children have the spindly legs, reddish hair and pot bellies of malnourishment. Tired, they rest under trees and no longer play.”

via Associated Press

Madagascar takes last stand on COVID-19 vaccine, refuses immunization

“Madagascar has affirmed its decision not to participate in the Covax global initiative for the access to COVID-19 vaccine once they have been approved and licensed. The government spokesperson confirmed the island will resort to its traditions.”

via Africa News

Rising hunger in drought-stricken southern Madagascar forcing families to eat insects

“The combined effects of the drought, COVID-19 and the insecurity upsurge have undermined the already fragile food security and nutrition situation of the population of southern Madagascar.”

via UN News

Madagascar ends state of health emergency

“The Madagascan government the end of the state of health emergency which was introduced due to the pandemic.”

via Africa News

Is the Worst of Africa’s COVID-19 Outbreak Over?

“‘Quite early in in the evolution of the pandemic on the continent, governments quickly implemented restrictions on movement and gatherings; so-called ‘lockdowns’ and this, we think, created a window of opportunity to keep the case numbers low and to strengthen public health capacities,’ says WHO Regional Director for Africa Dr. Matshidiso Moeti.”

via AllAfrica

COVID-19 in Africa: Now comes the harder work

“When compared to the economies of the G20 and the multilateral banks’ capital bases, the US$68 billion needed for Africa is insignificant. But it could save hundreds of lives. The time is now for stronger and prolonged action by the international community.”

via Development Reimagined