News & Analysis: Malawi

Shifting Spaces: COVID-19 responses across the African Great Lakes region

“In the African Great Lakes region responses to COVID-19 have not only been shaped by government information, but by the intervention of herbalists, traditional healers, religious leaders and customary authorities. Often healthcare is provided by relatives and between households.”

via Africa at LSE

COVID-19 affects sexual and reproductive health

“Mchinji District youth-friendly services coordinator Agness Jarafi says the COVID-19 pandemic has affected sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service delivery among youths.”

via Nyasa Times

Emerging Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The lesson of this current pandemic is that innovations are happening around the world. But the resources to fund and to scale innovations are not spread evenly. This must be addressed.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Majority of Malawians Fear They Will Go Hungry Due to COVID-19

“The majority of Malawians are not very worried about becoming infected with COVID-19… Malawians over 55 years old are the least likely to be very worried about becoming infected, even though they face the greatest risk from infection.”

via Institute of Public Opinion and Research (Malawi)

An inclusive response to COVID-19 for Africa’s informal workers

“For many, staying indoors is a luxury they simply cannot afford. This is especially true in many African countries, where 80-90% of people work in the informal economy, often relying on the sale of simple goods and services, such as fruits, vegetables, and household supplies to make a living.”

via World Bank

COVID-19 threatens Southern Africa’s tobacco industry

“The responses of Southern Africa’s authorities to curbing the spread of the disease – which include restrictions on movement, border closures and a controversial temporary ban on cigarette sales in South Africa – have raised fears that the crucial industry will suffer a severe blow in the months ahead.”

via African Business Magazine

Hundreds of returnees flee COVID-19 quarantine in Malawi and Zimbabwe

“The more than 400 people who fled a quarantine centre at a stadium in Blantyre were recently repatriated from South Africa and Botswana.”

via RFI

COVID-19: Implications for the ‘digital divide’ in Africa

“COVID-19 has emphasised the ‘digital divide’, a term referring to the uneven access to/distribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in societies, which is a global problem. However, it is even more pronounced on the African continent”


Averting a COVID-19 Disaster in Malawi

“The UN is sounding the alarm on a looming disaster in Malawi brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Maria Jose Torres, the UN resident coordinator in Malawi, warned, ‘Even a fairly low number of cases could overwhelm the health system, cause food shortages, and reverse the progress the country has seen in recent years.'”

via CFR

Coronavirus leaves Malawi’s health workers facing threats and social stigma

“Amid health worker protests over poor pay and lack of PPE, public fear of virus leads to doctors and nurses being shunned and evicted.”

via The Guardian