News & Analysis: Mozambique

What Happens When the Vaccine Factory of the World Can’t Deliver?

“India stopped exporting COVID-19 vaccines in mid-April, leaving Covax and the 92 low-income and lower-middle-income countries that depend on the program in the lurch. The shortfall is estimated to be at 190 million doses by the end of June.”

via New York Times

Sub-Saharan Africa: The devastating impact of conflicts compounded by COVID-19

“Across the region, the devastating impact of armed conflict in countries such as Ethiopia, Mozambique, Cameroon, and Nigeria, was compounded by the pandemic as a number of states weaponized it to crack down on human rights. The crackdowns included killings of civilians and arrests of opposition politicians and supporters and human rights defenders and activists in countries such as Angola, Guinea, and Uganda.”

via Amnesty International

Small things can save lives: Coping with COVID-19 in resource-scarce hospitals

“COVID-19 has exacerbated the global shortage of health workers, already estimated to be over seven million before the pandemic.”

via The Conversation

Mozambique gets first batch of COVID-19 vaccines from China

“Mozambique received 200,000 doses of COVID-19 inoculations from China on Wednesday, but the country is yet to disclose its vaccination plan.”

via The East African

Unprotected African health workers die as rich countries buy up COVID-19 vaccines

“Africa has weathered the pandemic relatively well, in part because of its young population. But now, the rollout of vaccines has put rich countries at a definitive advantage. Many have bet on several vaccines and signed contracts for enough doses to immunize their populations several times over, constraining supplies for the rest of the world.”

via Science

Aid workers warn of COVID-19 in camps for Mozambique cyclone victims

“Crowded centres for people left destitute by Cyclone Eloise in Mozambique create the perfect conditions for COVID-19 to spread, with some living at least 10 to a tent with no access to water, soap or masks.”

via PreventionWeb

Mozambique approaches global COVID-19 vaccine scheme for doses for 20% of population

“As a low income country, Mozambique qualifies for subsidised vaccines under the COVAX facility, which aims to make available 2 billion doses of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021.”

via Reuters

The value of partnerships in Africa post COVID-19

“Authentic, broad-based economic recovery relies on a thread of partnership through all business and banking engagements on the continent, pulling together financial institutions, corporations, governments and communities to co-create a sustainable future.”

via BFT Online

World Bank Helps Mozambique Mitigate Impact of COVID-19 with a New $100 Million Grant

“The financing will help mitigate the adverse impacts of the pandemic on people’s lives and livelihoods by supporting the immediate COVID-19 response and supporting businesses and reforms in view of improved fiscal sustainability.”

via World Bank

Virus fears as Mozambique conflict fuels overcrowding, hunger

“Most of those escaping the ongoing conflict are finding shelter with family or strangers in areas further south, putting a burden on the host families and leading to overcrowding that raises the risk of spreading COVID-19, say aid groups.”

via Reuters