News & Analysis: Rwanda

Kigali City lockdown extended until Feb 7

“While the capital continues as a leading hotspot Covid-19 new infections, numbers from the rest of the country have reportedly slowed down.”

via The New Times

Panic shopping as Kigali goes back into lockdown

“Food markets across Kigali city were on January 19 flocked by crowds of people – retailers and wholesalers – following an announcement that the capital was returning to total lockdown. The 15-day lockdown announced by a cabinet meeting on Monday is aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the city, which has been rampant in the past few days.”

via The New Times

COVID-19: All schools in Kigali closed for two weeks

“Effective Monday, January 18, all nursery, primary and secondary schools will be closed in the City of Kigali, the Ministry of Education has announced. The decision, which follows the upsurge in COVID-19 cases in the capital, has been taken to further contain the spread of Covid-19. Kigali has over the past days been the hot spot for the pandemic.”

via The New Times

EAC states to get 39 million COVID-19 vaccine doses from AU

“East African Community members states are expected to receive some 39 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from the African Union (AU), which has secured a deal to procure 270 million of the same for all member states.”

via The East African

Lessons from Rwanda’s Fight Against COVID-19

“While some of the world’s richest and most technologically advanced countries have struggled to contain the spread and morbidity of COVID-19, Rwanda has set a shining example of how to manage a pandemic and safeguard public health. Chief among its advantages is a health-care system based on equity, access, and public trust.”

via Gavi

Rwanda bans travel to Kigali as coronavirus deaths increase

“Effective, Tuesday, January 5, public and private transport to and from its capital Kigali is suspended for 15 days after which the government will issue new guidelines.”

via The East African

Rwanda: Businesses to close at 6:00 PM as gov’t tightens COVID-19 restrictions

“All business operations, including restaurants, shops, markets and malls, will, effective January 5, close operations at 6:00 PM, as part of efforts to slow the spread of new COVID-19 infections in the country. “

via The New Times

Huge borrowing, COVID-19 shocks, leave region in a funding dilemma

“Excessive borrowing prior to the pandemic pushed countries closer to the debt ceiling with debt-to-GDP ratios now exceeding 50 percent. This leaves little room for external borrowing as the year starts.”

via The East African

The problem with generalizations

“Despite the media’s wish for a neat story, the African continent’s response to COVID-19 is all over the map.”

via Africa is a Country

RwandAir monitoring coronavirus strain spread in UK

“The national carrier, RwandAir, says it is ‘monitoring the situation’ in the UK where a new strain of COVID-19 pandemic has forced many airlines to suspend flights to the country, and countries to impose travel bans.”

via The New Times