News & Analysis: Senegal

African Adaptations to the COVID-19 Response

“Africa’s response to the pandemic would need to be customized to its own realities, challenges, resources, and strengths. This has spurred a number of innovations and adaptations to the coronavirus response in African initiatives that continue to unfold.”

via Africa Center for Strategic Studies

Africa’s scientists have had to pick testing over genome sequencing for a coronavirus vaccine

“‘Vaccines are usually developed based on the available pools of sequence data. Therefore, little or no data for Africa amounts to poor or no representation at vaccine development,’ says Dr Moses Olubusuyi Adewumi, a virologist at the College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. ‘If Africans fail to generate essential data and make such available we’ll possibly suffer the same fate as with Rotavirus vaccine.'”

via Quartz Africa

IMF Staff completes Discussions for a US$221 Million Disbursement to Senegal in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

“IMF Executive Board’s approval of the request by the Senegalese authorities will make available US$221 million to meet the urgent budgetary and balance of payments needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic… Senegal’s financing request will be considered by the IMF’s Executive Board by mid-April.”

via IMF

World Bank Approves $20 Million for Senegal to Fight COVID-19

“The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today a $20 million credit from the International Development Association (IDA)* to support Senegal in its response to the threat of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Senegal COVID-19 Response project will strengthen the country’s prevention, preparedness and response to the outbreak.”

via World Bank

Video: Coronavirus in Africa: How prepared is the continent?

“After originating in Asia, reaching Europe and Northern America, COVID-19 is now quickly spreading across the African continent. The number of confirmed cases in Africa shot past the 2,000 mark, but the true number of cases is mostly unknown as mass testing has not been rolled out. The majority of the continent’s 54 countries have registered infections.”

via DW News

Africa is sitting on a ticking time bomb—$35 billion worth of Eurobond debt

“Many of Eurobonds will mature between 2021 and 2025. It will require sub-Saharan African countries to repay an average of just under $4 billion annually in that period. But they are already currently bleeding a rising total of just over $1.5 billion in annual coupon payments on these Eurobonds.”

via Quartz Africa