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Who’s afraid of COVID-19? Somalia’s battle with the virus

“With one of the weakest health systems in the world and a government in turmoil, Somalia is struggling with a new wave of coronavirus infections that will likely lead to a surge in unrecorded and unrecognised deaths, health officials and aid workers warn.”

via The New Humanitarian

Historical moment for Somalia as COVID-19 vaccines arrive through COVAX Facility

“After one year since the first COVID-19 case was officially confirmed in Somalia, on 16 March 2020, the country received part of the 300,000 doses of Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccines from the COVAX Facility, which will be rolled out in the capital city”

via Relief Web

Ethiopia is an Early Symptom of Africa’s Impending COVID-19 Crises

“Death rates represent only a sliver of the pandemic’s unseen impacts on fragile livelihoods, socioeconomically vulnerable groups like migrants and women, and other efforts at democratisation in the Horn.”

via African Arguments

Italy’s use of ferries to quarantine migrants comes under fire

“Outrage is growing among human rights advocates at the use of commercial ferries by Italian authorities to quarantine asylum seekers and migrants due to COVID-19 – not just new arrivals, but also people from reception centres inland who have been in Italy for years.”

via The New Humanitarian

Somalia Scales up Social Protection Measures as COVID-19 Constrains Economic Growth

“Somalia’s economic growth is forecast to contract significantly due to the negative impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the locust infestation and extreme flooding. The economy is projected to contract by 1.5 percent in 2020, down from earlier estimate of 3.2 percent before the pandemic.”

via World Bank

Not waiting for a savior

“The picture of how successfully Africa has combated COVID-19 to date may be up for discussion, but the innovation and ingenuity demonstrated in the continent’s response to the pandemic deserves to be reflected in writing on the global response.”

via Africa is a Country

How to Talk about COVID-19 in Africa

“To ask why more Africans aren’t dying of COVID-19 is to suggest that more Africans should be dying of COVID-19—in a normative rather than a descriptive sense. It exposes the expectation that when the world suffers, Africa must suffer more.”

via Boston Review

Africa: Corruption and COVID‐19’s Effect on Economies

“As Africa cautiously welcomes the positive news that it looks like it will escape the worst ravages of Covid‐19 infections, it is also having to deal with the fallout of several revelations of corruption among officials in their handling of COVID‐19 funds.”

via Africa Research Bulletin

IMF Reaches a Staff-Level Agreement for the First Review of the Extended Credit Facility for Somalia

“Flooding and swarms of desert locusts have aggravated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for Somalia. Swift support from the international community is helping the authorities address the impact on the Somali people and the economy.”

via IMF

Taiwan’s New Rep Office in Somaliland is Really Ramping Up Its COVID-19 Donation Diplomacy

“Representative Allen Chenhwa Lou handed over 400 cartons of medical supplies including Taiwan-made surgical masks, N95 masks, PPE, protective clothes and face shields to Somali Minister of Health Development H.E. Omar Ali Abdillahi.”

via China-Africa Project