News & Analysis: Somalia

Somalia: African Development Bank grants of $25 million will bolster budget for COVID-19 responses

“The African Development Bank today approved grants worth $25.1 million to Somalia to bolster the national budget for government efforts to mitigate national and regional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via AfDB

World Bank Approves $55 Million to Sustain Somalia’s Reforms and Fiscal Response to Multiple Crises

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a $55 million International Development Assistance grant to support Somalia’s economic recovery through continued fiscal and other economic policy reforms. The policies will strengthen fiscal management and promote inclusive private sector-led growth.”

via World Bank

The pandemic has shifted patterns of conflict in Africa

“In Africa, it was hoped that movement restrictions and fear of infection might halt fighting, creating space for dialogue in even the most intractable conflicts. Yet… tracking activity over the past 10 weeks, ACLED found that conflict rates held steady across the continent, but patterns of violence have shifted as armed groups and governments take advantage of the pandemic to make moves on political priorities.”

via Mail & Guardian

COVID-19 and the challenge of African borderlands

“Borderlands are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of disease control measures, in particular those that restrict movement and hinder informal trade. In the haste to combat the disease, these measures are not always justified by an analysis of the trade-offs between protecting public health and ensuring that people are able to meet their basic food and protection needs.”

via UNDP

Are African nations putting policing over public health?

“The shortage of medical expertise, equipment and facilities stands in stark contrast to the powers of law enforcement and security that have been exercised under the pretext of combatting the pandemic. This has laid the groundwork for a rise in police brutality, overreach, harassment, intimidation, corruption and violence.”

via Lowy Institute

Conflict and coronavirus: What the pandemic means in fragile settings

“For those of us working on conflict, security and development, this pandemic is overlaid onto already extremely volatile environments where conflict and humanitarian emergencies intersect.”

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Here’s how Africa’s tech scene is helping the fight against COVID-19

“Mehul Shah from Ultra Red Technologies, a 3D printing company in Nairobi, said he and his partner Neeval Shah quickly realised they could be ‘first responders’ in producing locally-made equipment. In only three days they put together a working design for 3D-printed face shields made up of a visor that clips onto a plastic sheet. They currently produce around 500 a day.”

via The South African

COVID-19 Outbreak in Nigeria Is Just One of Africa’s Alarming Hot Spots

“Officially, Kano has reported 753 cases and 33 deaths attributed to the virus. But in reality, the metropolis is experiencing a major, unchecked outbreak, according to doctors and public health experts. It could be one of the continent’s worst.”

via New York Times

Kenya shuts Tanzania, Somalia borders over COVID-19

“Kenya has closed its borders with Somalia and Tanzania as the country strives to stem further spread of the coronavirus. In a televised address to the nation on Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta said he was imposing more measures after it emerged that some of the cases had crossed the border from Tanzania and Somalia.”

via The East African

World Bank Approves $137.5 Million for Somalia’s Response to COVID-19, Floods, and Drought

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a $137.5 million International Development Association grant to help Somalia respond to and recover from multiple, ongoing, and overlapping crises.”

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