News & Analysis: Somalia

COVID-19 Poses Formidable Threat for Fragile States in the Middle East and North Africa

“As export earnings suffer and social distancing reduces domestic activity, incomes will decline—especially for informal and low-skilled workers, including within large internally displaced populations and refugees.”

via IMF

The global child mortality rate could rise for the first time in more than 60 years, experts warn

“Fear is another lethal hazard of this pandemic, blocking the youngest patients from basic care as everyday medical appointments grind to a halt across Africa, South America and southeast Asia. Such disruptions could fuel the first rise in the global child mortality rate since doctors began tracking it in 1960, according to a report published Tuesday in the Lancet Global Health journal.”

via Washington Post

Coronavirus in Africa: Prison fever

“What are the consequences of the pandemic on the living conditions in African prisons?”

via Prison Insider

The problem with predicting coronavirus apocalypse in Africa

“Despite the massive crisis the West is experiencing, some Western thought leaders continue to insist that a whole continent of 54 countries will collectively and inevitably experience apocalypse as a result of a virus outbreak. Indeed, the white gaze knows no rest, even amid a pandemic that has struck the West.”

via Al Jazeera

Lacking data, many African governments make policy in the dark

“It is often difficult to assess the information that is collected. Patient records in health clinics, for example, are almost always written by hand, and then often gather dust in a corner. Moreover, when governments do publish data online they frequently use formats that make the numbers hard to collate and analyse.”

via The Economist

Coronavirus border closures strand tens of thousands of people across Africa

“Tens of thousands of migrants are trapped in dangerous conditions at frontiers, mines, ports and in transit camps across Africa after states shut their borders in an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19.”

via The Guardian (Nigeria)

The humanitarian response to COVID-19 in Somalia will make things worse

“As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, Somalia is already reporting immediate social, economic and political effects. A rapid reduction in remittances transferred into the country from abroad, falling commodity prices and restricted export markets all pose significant risks.”

via Democracy in Africa

The humanitarian response to COVID-19 in Somalia will increase capital flight and violent conflict

“In the immediate term, mass humanitarian assistance creates a high risk of Somalia’s top elites diverting critical resources for their own benefit and creating capital flight from the country. This is already well underway.”

via Africa at LSE

How to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t stop peace efforts in Africa

“Disasters can transform conflict dynamics. Research shows that disasters such as COVID-19 can create opportunities for peace in conflict countries. For one, they can undermine the ability of conflict entrepreneurs to access conflict areas. This reduces incidents of violence. They can also create the conditions necessary for advancing peacebuilding processes in local communities.”

via The Conversation

Africa’s most vulnerable countries have few ventilators — or none at all

“The most critical piece of lifesaving equipment of the coronavirus pandemic is in desperately short supply in Africa: According to the World Health Organization, there are fewer than 2,000 ventilators across 41 countries that reported to it.”

via Washington Post