News & Analysis: South Sudan

The Africa We Want: Protecting Health and Livelihood

“Deepening economic integration to boost intra-African trade requires an equal investment in public health structures.”

via Think Global Health

How COVID-19 and low oil prices deferred South Sudan’s annual budget

“The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with low oil prices have drastically affected South Sudan’s financial calendar. For the past few months, South Sudan has been running without an annual budget as the Cabinet approved supplementary budgetary allocations to keep the country running.”

via The East African

Observing COVID-19 in Africa through a ‘public authorities’ lens

“To understand the response to COVID-19 in Africa we must look beyond actions taken by formal states. The roles played by various public authorities, operating below the national level, are crucial in shaping the pandemic’s long-term legacy.”

via Africa at LSE

COVID-19 in Africa: Now comes the harder work

“When compared to the economies of the G20 and the multilateral banks’ capital bases, the US$68 billion needed for Africa is insignificant. But it could save hundreds of lives. The time is now for stronger and prolonged action by the international community.”

via Development Reimagined

South Sudan reopens schools after six-month lockdown

“South Sudan’s Council of Ministers has lifted the ban that President Salva Kiir imposed in March in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in schools.”

via The East African

Africa’s agricultural sector faces up to COVID-19 crisis

“African farmers have begun to experiment with apps and new technologies. Meanwhile, policymakers and relief organisations are refocusing on food production and provision. Pioneering policymakers are prioritising food security and shifting to clean energy sources, such as hydroelectric and solar.”

via African Business Magazine

Chinese Medical Team Arrives in South Sudan

“In Juba, the capital of South Sudan, a medical team from Anhui province embarked on a nine-day visit to train local healthcare stakeholders on COVID-19 mitigation and response.”

via China-Africa Project

The impact of COVID-19 on livestock-based economies in the Horn of Africa

“From mid-April through June 2020, Mercy Corps monitored livestock systems in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan to understand the interplay of diverse market forces as influenced by COVID-19 mitigation measures, as well as seasonality, locusts and Rift Valley Fever. The report offers recommendations to support coping and recovery.”

via Mercy Corps

Big retailers need to step up to the plate

“The recently released National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) Coronavirus Rapid Mobile (Cram) survey has found that South Africans, and worse, children, are hungry, hungrier than they have been in years. This persistent hunger is likely to result in a national malnutrition crisis with such far-reaching consequences that it will make the effects of the coronavirus pale in comparison.”

via Mail & Guardian

The Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Governance, Peace, and Security in the Horn of Africa

“COVID-19-related containment measures—together with the global recession, lower oil prices and damage to agriculture from locusts and flooding—are increasing poverty levels and jeopardizing livelihoods.”

via African Union