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Tanzania: It’s time for a lockdown, debt relief and much more urgency

“The Tanzania Revenue Authority and Zanzibar Revenue Board cannot continue their “business-as-usual” approach, which sees no urgency in bringing about tax relief for people whose businesses and livelihoods have been devastated. Both the Mainland and Zanzibar governments should initiate extraordinary measures to mitigate the economic impacts of the global crisis. The pandemic and its effects will not end tomorrow.”

via African Arguments

Fragile African health systems face COVID-19 catastrophe

“Virtually all 55 African countries have confirmed cases. These numbers are set to skyrocket as under-resourced public health systems grapple with containing the pandemic. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, former health minister of Ethiopia, has implored Africa to wake up to the threat , and noted how the continent is least equipped on its own to combat the pandemic.”


Pandemic at the Polls

“Sub-Saharan Africa is facing the twin challenges of surging COVID-19 infections and a packed electoral calendar. The region is expected to hold as many as 16 polls by the year’s end… African governments—similar to global counterparts, including the United States—will have to weigh the tradeoffs between public safety and democratic imperatives.”

via CSIS

EAC health ministers unveil action plan to contain coronavirus spread

“Ministers in charge of Health and East African Community Affairs in the region have issued several directives to all six partner states, regarding the coronavirus outbreak, top of which is a call for additional contingency and emergency funds to mitigate the impact of the disease in the region.”

via The East African

Tanzania tourism’s 45 days of no-activity

“The tourism sector in Tanzania is bracing for a 45-day shutdown of hotels and resorts with beginning April 1, The EastAfrican has learnt. It was understood that Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (Tato) members arrived at the decision during their first virtual meeting recently to contain spread of coronavirus.”

via The East African

Tanzania’s mild response to COVID-19 and its implications for the 2020 elections

“The novel coronavirus may also have implications for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, raising concerns that President Magufuli will use the COVID-19 outbreak as a pretext for seeking a third term in office.”

via Atlantic Council

Investors opt for bonds to escape wrath of COVID-19

“East African stock markets have started feeling the impact of Coronavirus that has hit global economies after three countries in the region confirmed outbreak of the virus. According to economists the coronavirus fears have sparked investor rush for government bonds away from the volatile stock markets.”

via The East African

How COVID-19 is changing the lives of Tanzanians

“Economists warn that the social and economic impact of COVID-19 will be huge. Small businesses are starting to feel the heat. For example, Ms. Hassan, a food vendor, fears that the spread of the virus could kill her business.”

via Africa Renewal

Africa is sitting on a ticking time bomb—$35 billion worth of Eurobond debt

“Many of Eurobonds will mature between 2021 and 2025. It will require sub-Saharan African countries to repay an average of just under $4 billion annually in that period. But they are already currently bleeding a rising total of just over $1.5 billion in annual coupon payments on these Eurobonds.”

via Quartz Africa