News & Analysis: Togo

Digital platforms have been a boon for social assistance in African countries during the pandemic

“While Togo’s mobile-based digital program stood out early on, it was not alone in Africa in providing social welfare relief for its citizens. More than 40 African countries have introduced or expanded social welfare programs since the pandemic.”

via Quartz Africa

Economic Update for Togo: The Coronavirus Is Exerting Pressure on the Economy

“The crisis triggered by the global coronavirus pandemic is expected to lead to a decline in growth from 5.3% in 2019 to 1% in 2020. However, growth is expected to gradually return to pre-crisis levels beginning in 2022, fueled by government investment in infrastructure and an uptick in private investment.”

via World Bank

You’ve Got Money: Mobile Payments Help People During the Pandemic

“Mobile money is as an effective and physical-distancing-friendly option to deliver cash transfers in large scale, given that ownership and use of mobile phones in emerging and developing economies is very high.”

via IMF

Digitalizing Sub-Saharan Africa: Hopes and Hurdles

“In many sub-Saharan African countries, digital tools are supporting efforts to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In Rwanda, for example, anti-epidemic robots are monitoring patients, delivering food and medication, while free e-consultation tools are helping Nigerians to self-assess infection risk and get tested based on symptoms.”

via IMF

Togo digitizes social welfare with cash transfer program

“The economic impact—particularly on vulnerable informal economy workers who depend on daily income for survival—also became apparent, especially given the broad lack of social safety nets. For its part, Togo has looked to solve that problem with Novissi, a digital cash transfer program that sends funds to citizens through mobile money.”

via Quartz Africa

One of Africa’s smallest economies is plugging social welfare gaps with digital cash transfers

“For its part, Togo has looked to solve that problem with Novissi, a digital cash transfer program that sends funds to citizens through mobile money. Togo’s president Faure Gnassingbé has said the scheme targets informal workers whose incomes were ‘disrupted’ by lockdowns.”

via Quartz Africa

Health workers speak out on the need for better mental health support

“Even outside of a pandemic situation, health workers face tough conditions in their jobs. But the toll this can take on their mental health is rarely discussed, and regular or immediate support is, in many cases, still lacking.”

via Devex

Why the COVID Crisis Is Not Edtech’s Moment in Africa

“A new database published by the ‘EdTech Hub’ shows that though use of edtech products serving African countries has doubled in the last month, the total number of users is still very low, and most were viewers of one TV show. That, coupled with the fact that most firms come from just a few countries, suggests that edtech in Africa is far from maturity.”

via Center for Global Development

African nations join forces to procure medical equipment

“African countries are developing a platform to pool orders to break into the global diagnostics and medical equipment market they have largely been shut out of during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the head of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.”

via Financial Times

Informal traders: a balancing act of survival

“Since COVID-19, small-scale traders have started to aggregate their goods, and pay a bundle of fees to truck drivers for transportation and clearance. For this reason, prices of key staples such as rice, tomatoes and peppers, have jumped about 50% in local border towns in Ghana.”

via African Business Magazine