News & Analysis: Tunisia

The challenges African countries face to get hold of the COVID-19 vaccine

“GAVI, the global vaccine alliance, has been securing vaccine candidates to make the vaccine equally accessible to low-income countries. However, the countries may be required to share some of the costs of delivery which is up to $1.60 to $2 per dose. The economies of most African countries may not be able to afford the vaccine delivery.”

via Quartz Africa

The Pandemic Is Not Good For Freedom And Democracy. But There Are Exceptions

“Only one country reported a positive trend over the past few months: Malawi.”

via NPR

Italy’s use of ferries to quarantine migrants comes under fire

“Outrage is growing among human rights advocates at the use of commercial ferries by Italian authorities to quarantine asylum seekers and migrants due to COVID-19 – not just new arrivals, but also people from reception centres inland who have been in Italy for years.”

via The New Humanitarian

COVID-19: UAE donates 18 tons of medical supply to Tunisia

“Tunisia received Monday 18 tons of the medical supply offered by the United Arab Emirates, UAE, to help the North African country in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via The North Africa Post

The Double Threat of COVID-19 in Africa

“Evidence from past epidemics and initial reports from COVID-19 suggest that the greatest threat of COVID-19 in Africa will be indirect—arising from disruptions in health-care delivery and not from the disease itself.”

via Think Global Health

COVID-19 quarantine chambers set up at Libyan-Tunisian border

“At Libya’s Ras Ejder border crossing with Tunisia, COVID-19 quarantine chambers have been set up in preparation for the reopening of the border. A total of eight prefabricated chambers have been set up at the border for those suspected of being infected with COVID-19.”

via Xinhua News

“We must use the crisis to bounce back,” says former Tunisian Tourism Minister René Trabelsi

“The former Tunisian Minister of Tourism, René Trabelsi, is lucky to be alive after fighting off a severe case of coronavirus. In an interview, he tells us about what he achieved during his 16 months in the government of Youssef Chahed.”

via New African Magazine

Many Tunisians lack adequate access to healthcare and water, rate government poorly

“Tunisia, especially in the interior region, is plagued by unreliable public services such as medical care and water supply – particular problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tunisia’s public health facilities face severe challenges, including substantial debt, too few beds to meet demand, inadequate equipment, and a shortfall of 14,000 qualified medical staff”

via Afrobarometer

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals Despite the Pandemic: Interview with Professor Allam Ahmed

Prof. Allam Ahmed, founding President of the World Association for Sustainable Development, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about financing the SDGs, human capital, and access to electricity.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Surveys show just how unprepared African countries were for COVID-19 lockdowns

“On average, only 24% of households across the 34 African countries analyzed met all three criteria of readiness: availability of key amenities, availability of media devices and phones. and ownership of savings accounts or rate of formal employment.”

via Quartz Africa