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Scott Morris: ‘How China Lends’ and the Implications for Africa’s Economic Recovery

“Better disclosure of the terms of the contracts themselves would certainly be better practice going forward, and in times of stress, it can facilitate quicker and easier engagement with the key multilateral actors.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

India and COVID-19 vaccines: A national crisis with global ripples

“India has been the leading COVID-19 vaccine supplier to much of the world through COVAX- the UN-backed scheme shipping doses to countries from Afghanistan to Zambia. But now it is struggling to fully vaccinate its own population amid a coronavirus health crisis that grows worse by the day.”

via The New Humanitarian

COVID-19 inflames election violence in Africa

“COVID-19 may have increased the risk of electoral violence in four key ways: facilitating clampdowns on political opposition, fueling the proliferation of disinformation, worsening economic fragility and delaying elections.”

via African Business Magazine

Africa CDC’s John Nkengasong on a Vaccine Game Plan for the Continent and His Greatest Worry

“What worries me most is that the continent doesn’t get its vaccination program in order in a timely fashion. That means we have to pursue an aggressive process not a passive process.”

via COVID HQ Africa

One year on: Zambian economy during COVID-19

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zambian economy entered one of its deepest recessions in history, shrinking by 4.2% in 2020. This was the first time since 1998 that the Zambian economy has contracted.”

via International Growth Centre

Zambians approve of government’s COVID-19 response despite questions about aid, vaccines

“More than one in three Zambians say their households lost income during the pandemic, and nine out of 10 report that they did not receive government assistance. A majority of citizens believe that the assistance was not fairly distributed.”

via Afrobarometer

China and other countries are stepping into Africa’s worsening debt crisis

“Chinese banks have offered significant debt restructuring both before and during the coronavirus era acting within and outside of the G-20 arrangements.”

via Washington Post

Bank of Zambia hikes rates 50bps to curb ‘currency rout’ induced inflation, in COVID-19 environment

“Amidst a currency depreciation induced cost push inflationary environment, the Monetary Policy Committee decided to raise the interest rate whose quantum was nonetheless hampered by a suppressed business ecosystem fueled by disease pandemic effects.”

via The Business Telegraph

Zambia: COVID-19 shows no sign of easing

“Minister of Health Jonas Chanda said in a statement yesterday that of the 6,945 active cases, 6,531 are under home management while 414 are admitted to quarantine centres.”

via Zambia Daily Mail

Disregard of COVID-19 preventive guidelines worries Health Minister

“Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has expressed concern at the continued deliberate disregard of public health guidelines, particularly at super spreader events such as funerals, markets, shopping malls, townships and on public transport.”

via Luska Times