COVID-19 impact? Ugandans grow more discontent with economic and living conditions

“Uganda’s economy has been hit hard. Its real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by just 2.9% during the year ending in June 2020, less than half the 6.8% rate reported for the previous year.”

via Afrobarometer

The first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa: a cross-sectional study

“Our analysis showed that the African continent had a more severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic than the first, and highlights the importance of examining multiple epidemiological variables down to the regional and country levels over time.”

via The Lancet

Surviving lockdown in the Central African Republic

“The food insecurity brought about by the COVID-19 measures was devastating and compounded an already precarious situation.”

via Norwegian Refugee Council

Strengthening development finance in fragile contexts

“Pioneering firms have the potential to achieve significant social and economic benefits in fragile and conflict‑affected settings. However, these contexts involve higher risks and costs, which dissuades pioneers and investors. We argue that the public good these firms provide warrants the use of public funds to offset the costs of pioneering in these settings.”

via International Growth Centre

African Economic Outlook 2021

“The pandemic has caused a global economic crisis. Africa’s GDP contracted 2.1 percent in 2020, the continent’s first recession in half a century. It is estimated that about 39 million Africans could fall into extreme poverty in 2021 if appropriate support is not provided, with disproportionate effects on women.”

via AfDB

Who wants COVID-19 vaccination? In 5 West African countries, hesitancy is high, trust low

“Afrobarometer’s nationally representative surveys in five West African countries (Benin, Liberia, Niger, Senegal, and Togo) offer less optimistic findings: On average, only four in 10 people say they would be likely to try to get vaccinated, including just one in three Liberians and one in five Senegalese. Most say they don’t trust their government to ensure that the vaccines are safe.”

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Zambians approve of government’s COVID-19 response despite questions about aid, vaccines

“More than one in three Zambians say their households lost income during the pandemic, and nine out of 10 report that they did not receive government assistance. A majority of citizens believe that the assistance was not fairly distributed.”

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Despite denials, vaccine nationalism is rampant

“Glitches in distribution in Western countries is holding back efforts to get vaccines to Africa.”

via Africa Confidential

State of the Kenyan economy: Focus on the impact of COVID-19 on women and education

“We continue to see the gendered impact of COVID-19 with economic pressure leading women to sell assets, forgo meals and work more to generate income. Domestic conflict remains elevated and women and girls remain victims of physical and sexual violence, resulting in unwanted pregnancies especially among girls.”

via FSD Kenya

Mauritians praise government’s COVID-19 response but suspect corruption, distrust politicians

“Despite generally favourable assessments, a majority of Mauritians think resources intended for the pandemic response were lost to government corruption and are worried that politicians will use the pandemic for political gain.”

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