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COVID-19 disruptions on health supply chains a challenge for aid orgs

“The shutdown of businesses and factories in China — a major manufacturing hub — in the past two months as the country grapples to contain the outbreak, have also caused delays in production and shipment of goods in different industries. It has raised concerns about potential shortages of health products and essential medicines.”

via Devex

This Nigerian doctor might just prevent the next deadly pandemic

“As leader of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Chikwe Ihekweazu works to protect the nation — and the world — from devastating outbreaks… Many argue that the best hope of mitigating such a catastrophe will come from the capacity of African nations to catch outbreaks early and stem their spread. Ihekweazu had written about this necessity long before it was in vogue — but he never imagined leading the effort himself.”

via Nature

Africa’s rising “unsustainable” debt is driving a wedge between the World Bank and other lenders

“African debt is on the rise, and that fact is causing tensions to spark in unexpected places. Total external debt for sub-Saharan Africa jumped nearly 150% to $583 billion in 2018 from $236 billion 10 years earlier, according to World Bank data. Many now worry the debt load is becoming unsustainable.”

via Quartz Africa