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Please keep your loans, Kenyans tell IMF

“According to an Infotrak study on Kenyans’ perception on foreign debt, 81 percent of Kenyans are angry, fearful or anxious because of the country’s ballooning debt, while 62 percent do not approve of regular borrowing from foreign sources. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Kenyans rate the government’s handling of its borrowed funds as poor, while 76 percent believe Kenya gets most of her foreign loans from China.”

via Daily Nation

COVID-19 impact? Ugandans grow more discontent with economic and living conditions

“Uganda’s economy has been hit hard. Its real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by just 2.9% during the year ending in June 2020, less than half the 6.8% rate reported for the previous year.”

via Afrobarometer

Zimbabwe: More church leaders take vaccine

“There is nothing wrong in taking a vaccine because it is a preventative measure against the disease just like washing your hands, eating good food and wearing masks that we have already been doing. There is nothing wrong biblically or scientifically with getting the vaccine.”

via The Herald

Will Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccines Find Acceptance in Nigeria?

“Local media have generally avoided politicizing the COVID-19 vaccines and have played an important role in sensitizing the public about COVID-19 and the importance of vaccines. Yet, earlier this month, The Guardian, a widely read newspaper in Nigeria, published an article that questions the safety of the SinoPharm vaccine, which will likely cause distrust of Chinese-made vaccines.”

via Development Reimagined

Voting in a pandemic: Lessons for elections in Africa in 2021

“African elections held early on in the pandemic have compelled urgent adaptations and innovations to electoral processes and timelines.”

via Brookings Institution

Africa has a history of vaccine hesitancy, but also of solutions

“Fortunately, there are some positive examples African countries can draw on for inspiration. Nigeria’s use of community knowledge to transform its polio eradication strategy in 2012 offers a clear pathway to engaging communities at all levels – from leaders to traditional healers to families.”

via African Arguments

Malawi doctors call for volunteers to support frontline health care staff

“The Society of Medical Doctors president Victor Mithi said they need volunteers, particularly clinicians, nurses, and laboratory personnel that are either not employed or have free time, to work at equivalent grade allowances in COVID-19 centers in central hospital isolation wards and new field hospitals to be set up by the government.”

via Nyasa Times

Police faulted for using violence to enforce COVID-19 measures

“The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation has condemned the Malawi Police for beating up people in markets, depots and on the streets under the guise of enforcing COVID-19 measures.”

via Malawi24

A view from Malawi: Combating fake news and the ‘infodemic’

“At one-point, former head of state Joyce Banda told people at a rally that there was no COVID-19 in Malawi. In the end Malawians paid a price as infection figures increased dramatically after the elections.”

via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Mombasa sacks 86 doctors including KPMDU boss Mwachonda

“Mombasa county government has sacked dozens of doctors, including KMPDU boss Chibanzi Mwachonda and senior specialists for refusing to return to work.”

via Daily Nation