News & Analysis: Elections

Voting in a pandemic: Lessons for elections in Africa in 2021

“African elections held early on in the pandemic have compelled urgent adaptations and innovations to electoral processes and timelines.”

via Brookings Institution

Algeria: President announces recovery, new election law

“Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced Sunday that he had recovered from COVID-19 and ordered preparation of a new election law to be ready within 15 days to pave the way for early parliamentary and local elections.”

via Anadolu Agency

All This Talk About Vaccines Gives a Desperately-Needed Boost to Two of Africa’s Largest Oil Producing Countries

“The prices for Nigerian Bonny Light and Angolan Cabinda crudes have regained some lost ground in November thanks to the Pfizer vaccine news and the U.S. elections. Given that both countries face enormous debt servicing challenges, these higher oil prices will help to replenish government coffers.”

via China-Africa Project

Electoral officials need more money to run elections during COVID-19

“Elections have often seen rising costs, but these financial challenges have increased in scope due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is primarily because of costs related to risk mitigation measures, which include both health and safety and special voting arrangements.”

via Democratic Audit

Burundi expels senior WHO official, experts

“Burundi on Wednesday expelled the representative of the World Health Organization and three senior health experts deployed to Bujumbura over unspecified reasons.”

via The East African

COVID-19 is casting Magufuli in the worst light, in an election year

“2020 is casting Magufuli in the worst of lights. His COVID-19 response throws other, negative aspects of the president and his programme into sharp relief. Instead of validating his vision it is bringing critical, dissenting perspectives to the fore.”

via The Conversation

Coronavirus response takes backseat as election looms in Burundi

“There are growing concerns over the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as mass rallies draw thousands into jam-packed public spaces across the country, and hospital workers speak of a spike in cases.”

via The New Humanitarian

COVID-19 is Coinciding with Dangerous Trends in Burundi’s Democracy

“President Pierre Nukurunziza’s reluctance to impose policies aimed at stopping the virus from spreading is converging with his enthusiasm for democratic authoritarianism, putting not only Burundi, but Burundi’s neighbors at risk.”

via CFR

COVID-19 Impact on Africa Elections

“Leaders are now facing a Cornelian dilemma: to organize elections and raise the risk of spreading the pandemic, or to postpone the election and face accusations of authoritarianism. It is like choosing between two important rights, now in a situation of obvious conflict.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Opposition parties statement on election postponement (Ethiopia)

“The postponement of the election due to the pandemic can be used as another opportunity to seriously deliberate, correct mistakes made over the last two years, and put the transition back on track. Therefore, we call upon all parties to seize this opportunity and sit for a roundtable deliberation to seek a legitimate political consensus on how to manage the constitutional crisis.”

via Ethiopia Insight