News & Analysis: Food security

How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries

“The evidence suggests that the impacts will be felt widely, but unevenly. Farm operations may be spared the worst, while SMEs in urban areas will face significant problems. Governments will have to develop policies to respond to these varied impacts to avoid supply chain disruptions, higher food prices, and severe economic fallout for millions of employees.”


COVID-19 lockdowns threaten Africa’s vital informal urban food trade

“As COVID-19 begins its spread across Africa, concerns are growing about how the pandemic will affect the region’s already fragile food systems, especially in densely packed cities. Much of the region’s urban population works in the informal sector—many in wet markets and as street vendors—and depends on it for food.”


Economic and Market Analysis and Opinion of COVID-19 on West and Central Africa

“Apart from the food security implications of a COVID-19-triggered economic slowdown, an extensive spread of the disease in a poorer and more food insecure country could take a heavier toll on the economy than it has in those countries first impacted by the rapid spread of the virus. Countries with high levels of food insecurity are generally more vulnerable and less prepared.”

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Ghanaians’ acceptance of security-related restrictions faces test with COVID-19 lockdown

“In late 2019, before ‘threat to public security’ would have brought to mind a virus, most respondents in a national Afrobarometer survey said they would accept restrictions on their freedom of movement, such as curfews and roadblocks, if public safety were threatened. Residents of Greater Accra and Ashanti are the first to put this willingness to the test.”

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How will COVID-19 affect Africa’s food systems?

“One thing that cannot be put on hold is people’s need to feed themselves. How will the pandemic affect Africa’s supplies? How will it impact people’s ability to buy necessities and subsist? In short, there’s no particular reason to expect Africa’s food supplies to be significantly affected as a direct result of the pandemic.”

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Africa and the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

“African countries remain vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic due to under-resourced national health systems, the capacity to test for positive infections, and political instability across many regions, where displaced populations and informal governance structures complicate development assistance.”

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