News & Analysis: Lessons from Ebola

Contact Tracing: Learning Lessons from Sierra Leone

“Working with the community, observing what they do, was no luxury in northern Sierra Leone: it was the key to stemming the outbreak.”

via African Arguments

Coronavirus accelerates in Africa as economic damage deepens

“Africa is reeling from the economic ravages of the coronavirus. Now the disease itself is accelerating across the continent.”

via Axios

The COVID-19 crisis: A key moment to strengthen transparency and accountability in Guinea

Malado Kaba, the former Minister of Economy & Finance of Guinea, writes, “I also believe this crisis is an opportunity, a decision point, a key moment for my country and others to strengthen transparency and accountability.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

How to ensure effective government responses as COVID-19 spreads to rural areas

“Like the Ebola crisis, COVID-19 provides opportunities to reverse longstanding inequalities and biases. But that requires supporting effective and responsive rural service delivery that safeguards the welfare of the poorest citizens while ensuring food security in rural and urban areas alike.”


Economic impact of COVID-19: Protecting Africa’s food systems from farm to fork

“Receiving less public attention, and yet also putting at risk lives and livelihoods, is the likelihood that COVID-19 and the associated economic challenges will spill into an African food crisis if the food system cannot cope. Half of Africans already face food insecurity, of which 50 percent are severely food insecure, while the number of people who are hungry is likely to double in 2020.”

via Brookings Institution

Shifting Spaces: COVID-19 responses across the African Great Lakes region

“In the African Great Lakes region responses to COVID-19 have not only been shaped by government information, but by the intervention of herbalists, traditional healers, religious leaders and customary authorities. Often healthcare is provided by relatives and between households.”

via Africa at LSE

Beyond Remittances: COVID-19 And The ‘Future’ Of African Diaspora-Homeland Relations

“Beyond the volume of remittances, COVID-19 raises questions and opens the possibility of transforming the mechanics of remittances; the change from cash-based transactions to technology-enabled formats such as mobile money.”

via African Leadership Centre

This Country Fought Ebola. It May Beat Another Disease.

“Sierra Leone, drawing on its experience fighting an Ebola outbreak in 2014, offers a possible model for how to combat the coronavirus in a developing economy. The country is extremely poor, but it is deploying low-cost strategies to fight the pandemic that other low- and middle-income countries can adopt at large scale.”

via New York Times

COVID-19 and the challenge of African borderlands

“Borderlands are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of disease control measures, in particular those that restrict movement and hinder informal trade. In the haste to combat the disease, these measures are not always justified by an analysis of the trade-offs between protecting public health and ensuring that people are able to meet their basic food and protection needs.”

via UNDP

COVID-19 in Africa: Youth Perspectives

“COVID-19 is affecting many young people in various ways including health, education and socio-economic impact. The reality of young people on the continent even before the pandemic is that African economies generate only 3 million formal jobs annually for an estimated 12 million youth entering the workforce every year.”

via Mo Ibrahim Foundation