News & Analysis: Lessons from Ebola

COVID-19 vs. Ebola: Impact on households and small businesses in North Kivu

“Different infectious disease outbreaks can have very different effects, largely unrelated to case numbers of the disease. Moderately lethal but highly transmissible viruses such as COVID-19 can trigger a steep economic downturn, especially in areas with high economic interconnectedness, reflecting both national and international policies to contain the pandemic.”

via World Development

What HIV taught WHO’s Matshidiso Moeti about COVID-19

“We did a lot of work to prepare precisely because of the worry that our health systems are so fragile, our capacity is so little, we will get devastated by this.”

via Financial Times

A Hollow Victory: The Hidden Cost of COVID-19 on Women’s Health in West Africa

“Africa’s low death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic may look like a triumph, but behind the numbers lies a hidden tragedy as the virus impacts women’s access to healthcare.”

via African Arguments

A successful Ebola vaccine delivery shows how a COVID-19 vaccine would work in Africa

“The Ebola vaccine developed by Merck also used ultra-cold equipment of about -70 oC and we were able to deploy that vaccine in the Democratic Republic of Congo to respond to the North Kivu outbreak where more than 300,000 people were immunized.”

via Quartz Africa

WHO looks to boost virus safety awareness in Africa

“The World Health Organization has launched a new coronavirus safety awareness campaign targeting Africa’s youth population. The Mask Up campaign aims to reach over 40 million young people in Africa on social media by end of 2020.”

via Anadolu Agency

After COVID-19 inequality frameworks in Nigeria must address children’s rights and dignity

“As we battle COVID-19 and the toll it has taken on the world today, we must listen to the often-overlooked voices of those who will inherit the world of tomorrow. Inequalities expert Foluke Adetola Ojelabi looks at the youngest victims of COVID-19 and its countless impacts – and of the unequal social order that long predates the pandemic.”

via Africa at LSE

The Double Threat of COVID-19 in Africa

“Evidence from past epidemics and initial reports from COVID-19 suggest that the greatest threat of COVID-19 in Africa will be indirect—arising from disruptions in health-care delivery and not from the disease itself.”

via Think Global Health

We Must Stop Flying Blind: Building on Existing Systems in Low- and Middle Income Countries To Improve The COVID-19 Response

“The pandemic has highlighted concerning gaps in data and weaknesses in surveillance systems that have long hampered public health systems globally, especially in low- and middle- income countries.”

via Center for Global Development

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Community Health Workers Support Sustainable Health Systems and COVID-19 Response

“Community health workers have been critical in risk communication, contact tracing, transporting supplies, and ensuring the continuity of essential services. Community health workers serve as the link between the community and the response team, which is important to building trust and encouraging the uptake of health interventions.”

via Wilson Center

Community engagement and vaccinations during the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo

“Lessons learnt from the Ebola outbreaks in Democratic Republic of Congo have shown that risk communications and community engagement are critical and should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination strategies.”

via World Bank