News & Analysis: Lessons from Ebola

Analysis: Early Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The right lessons from the current pandemic are the ones that are systemic and non-specific. These lessons should be the ones that are going to make our future response more agile and our systems more robust and resilient.”

via Addis Standard

COVID-19 kills 210 Health workers in Nigeria

“Over 10,000 health workers across Africa have tested positive for COVID-19, while 200 Nigerian health workers and 10 Nigerian doctors have been killed by the disease, a medical expert, Dr Abubakar Danladi, has said.”

via Vanguard

Impact of COVID-19 in Africa: A scenario analysis to 2030

“For much of Africa, it seems likely that the larger infection and mortality impact of COVID-19 is still to come. Early efforts to contain the spread through travel restrictions, lockdowns and market closures have played an important role in constraining rates of infection in many countries, but have taken a heavy social and economic toll.”

via ISS

The Pandemic’s Toll on Women

“If policymakers ignore the ways that the disease and its impacts are affecting men and women differently, they risk prolonging the crisis and slowing economic recovery.”

via Foreign Affairs

They survived Ebola. Now they want to teach others to survive COVID-19.

“Communities for whom the devastation of the Ebola outbreak was still fresh feared what might happen if COVID-19 reached their countries.”

via African Arguments

Investing in digital agriculture can help Africa beat this pandemic

“With a continent-wide recession looming and the UN predicting a ‘hunger pandemic’ in the wake of the coronavirus, there are two ways in which the world can help right now: with data and with investments that strengthen Africa’s food security.”

via Reuters

Contact Tracing: Learning Lessons from Sierra Leone

“Working with the community, observing what they do, was no luxury in northern Sierra Leone: it was the key to stemming the outbreak.”

via African Arguments

Coronavirus accelerates in Africa as economic damage deepens

“Africa is reeling from the economic ravages of the coronavirus. Now the disease itself is accelerating across the continent.”

via Axios

The COVID-19 crisis: A key moment to strengthen transparency and accountability in Guinea

Malado Kaba, the former Minister of Economy & Finance of Guinea, writes, “I also believe this crisis is an opportunity, a decision point, a key moment for my country and others to strengthen transparency and accountability.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

How to ensure effective government responses as COVID-19 spreads to rural areas

“Like the Ebola crisis, COVID-19 provides opportunities to reverse longstanding inequalities and biases. But that requires supporting effective and responsive rural service delivery that safeguards the welfare of the poorest citizens while ensuring food security in rural and urban areas alike.”