News & Analysis: Lessons from Ebola

Coronavirus: What the world can learn from Ebola fight

“Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who made history as Africa’s first elected female president, led Liberia for 12 years including during the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak that killed nearly 5,000 people in her country. The BBC asked the Nobel Peace Laureate for her reflections on the current coronavirus crisis.”

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Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

“Around the world, the COVID-19 outbreak is putting significant strain on countries’ health-care systems, economies, and social fabric. In the months ahead, African countries will face many of the same issues, as well as some impacts that are unique to the continent.”

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Coronavirus: 5 key lessons from the 2014 Ebola outbreak

“When Ebola hit Liberia in 2014, W. Gyude Moore was working as deputy chief of staff for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. He had a front row seat as the administration battled the virus; and has important messages for policy-makers in Africa as they confront the coronavirus pandemic.”

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Coronavirus: Amid the global pandemic, lessons for Africa

“Since most African countries are within the containment phase of the epidemic curve, time is of the essence, and urgent action to prevent an epidemic should be the overriding objective. African leaders should learn from Asia and Europe.”

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An Ebola veteran shares lessons for COVID-19

“There were three key actions that helped bring the Ebola response under control: behavior change or social distancing; testing and isolating people who were infected, including from their families, to prevent new clusters and bring down infection rates; and separating incident response from regular health care.”

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Five Key Lessons From Ebola That Can Help Us Win Against Coronavirus, Everywhere

“Ebola taught us painful but valuable lessons. Today, as our fellow political and healthcare leaders across the world confront COVID-19, we share those lessons and five recommendations to strengthen the response. First, slow down the virus — take swift action to temporarily ban public gatherings, close schools and ask your residents to stay at home.”

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Anticipating Coronavirus in West Africa

“Nigeria CDC leader Chikwe Ihekweazu discusses outbreak detection, preparedness, response, and COVID-19 in Africa.”

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How Africa can quell the next disease outbreaks

“Africa’s ambitious plans to establish free trade and travel across the continent will increase movement even more. Although economically advantageous, these plans could set the stage for HIV, Ebola, pandemic influenza, chikungunya, plague, Lassa fever and antimicrobial-resistant bacterial infections to spread farther and faster.”

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