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AU: Africa Joint Continental Strategy for COVID-19 Outbreak

“COVID-19 will likely spread rapidly in communities and healthcare facilities and cause severe illness and death. Although the case-fatality remains low, a high percentage of the African population could be infected in the next year, resulting in large number of deaths, particularly in people with advanced age and/or underlying illnesses.”

via African Union

COVID-19 Is an African Political Crisis as Much as a Health and Economic Emergency

“Africa is speeding toward a political crisis as well as a health and economic catastrophe in the face of the rapidly expanding COVID-19 pandemic. The region’s media and leaders had been slow to come to grips with the threat in part because infection rates were minimal and confined to a few countries throughout February and into the first week of March.”

via CSIS

Africa’s rising “unsustainable” debt is driving a wedge between the World Bank and other lenders

“African debt is on the rise, and that fact is causing tensions to spark in unexpected places. Total external debt for sub-Saharan Africa jumped nearly 150% to $583 billion in 2018 from $236 billion 10 years earlier, according to World Bank data. Many now worry the debt load is becoming unsustainable.”

via Quartz Africa