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Eswatini: Elites take first share of coronavirus vaccines, leaving the poor behind, new review suggests

“After a stop-start vaccination programme Eswatini was left with only 32,000 doses to treat 1.1 million people. First to get their jabs were the Royal Family. The Acting Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and other Cabinet ministers were next in line. Health workers, and people with pre-existing serious health conditions, had to wait.”

via Swazi Media

Cameroon: Senior Health Official Dies at 75

“Alim Garga Hayatou, Secretary of State in the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health in charge of epidemics and pandemics, died in a hospital in the capital, Yaoundé on Monday, the Prime Minister’s office announced in a statement.”

via The East African

Tanzania to re-evaluate its position on COVID-19, says President Samia

“On the issue of COVID-19, I think I should form a Committee of experts to look at it professionally and then advise the Government, and it should not be silenced or rejected or accepted without professional research.”

via The Citizen

Please keep your loans, Kenyans tell IMF

“According to an Infotrak study on Kenyans’ perception on foreign debt, 81 percent of Kenyans are angry, fearful or anxious because of the country’s ballooning debt, while 62 percent do not approve of regular borrowing from foreign sources. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Kenyans rate the government’s handling of its borrowed funds as poor, while 76 percent believe Kenya gets most of her foreign loans from China.”

via Daily Nation

COVID-19 impact? Ugandans grow more discontent with economic and living conditions

“Uganda’s economy has been hit hard. Its real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by just 2.9% during the year ending in June 2020, less than half the 6.8% rate reported for the previous year.”

via Afrobarometer

Senegal’s economy struggles amid COVID-19 pandemic

“Senegal’s recent protests have shone a light on simmering frustrations over sluggish economic activity and unemployment in the West African state, which have been compounded by a year of coronavirus restrictions.”

via Africa News

Kenya’s president orders cabinet to take COVID-19 vaccine

“The president’s order is an u-turn from government’s recent communication which stated that politicians were not on the priority list to receive the first batch of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines.”

via The East African

Why India is banking on health diplomacy to grow African footprint

“India has stepped up its global ambitions and foreign policy re-engagement with African countries in recent years. Its bilateral trade increased from $7.2 billion in 2001 to $63 billion in 2017/18. India is now the third largest export destination and the fifth largest investor on the continent.”

via The Conversation

COVID-19: Congo’s presidential candidate dies in France

“A Congolese opposition presidential candidate died of COVID-19 in France early Monday.”

via Anadolu Agency

Tanzania’s John Magufuli dies after months of COVID-19 denialism

“One of Africa’s most controversial leaders, Magufuli refused to accept the severity of COVID-19, insisting for months that his country was unaffected by the global pandemic. He implemented almost no preventative measures to protect the population and joked about the disease.”

via African Business Magazine