News & Analysis: Poverty and inequality

80% of Kenyans say their lives are much worse over COVID-19

“The latest TIFA report has revealed that 64% of respondents have resumed work compared to 33% recorded in April. However, their earnings remain far below what they had previously. 76% of respondents indicated that they know someone who has been evicted from their residence as a result of rent arrears.”

via Tuko

Are warnings of a COVID-19 famine in Africa overblown?

“Alarm bells have been ringing for months that COVID-19 could push fragile African countries ‘closer to the abyss’ of famine as jobs are lost, local markets close, and poverty deepens.”

via The New Humanitarian

Population of extremely poor persons in Nigeria hits 102m

“NECA’s report says that the number of citizens in extreme poverty now stands at an estimated 102 million, representing 50 per cent of the Nigeria’s estimated population of about 205 million, as against the 40 per cent reported by NBS in October last year.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

“Drastic rise” in Malawi’s suicide rate linked to COVID-19 economic downturn

“Malawi is seeing a sharp rise in suicide rates this year, with some attributing it to the economic stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. Malawi police service reports an increase of as much as 57% on the same period last year.”

via The Guardian

Overcrowding and pandemic risk hotspots in Rwanda

“The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on urban density, particularly in developing cities, where overcrowding in unplanned settlements makes it near impossible to practice adequate social distancing. Evidence has shown that overcrowding – and not density – is a risk factor for respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.”

via International Growth Centre

Moroccan Billionaire Aziz Akhannouch’s Fortune Triples Amid COVID-19

“The fortune of Moroccan billionaire and Agriculture Minister Aziz Akhannouch has more than tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Forbes magazine, Akhannouch’s net worth went from $1 billion in March to $3.5 billion in October.”

via Morocco World News

Global Consensus Is Hard to Find. Here’s Where Action Is Still Possible.

“Finance ministers and officials from around the world will gather soon for a virtual annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank. Assembled officials should advance consensus on areas where, regardless of the political outcome in the U.S., collective action will be needed to address the worst development and humanitarian crisis in modern history.”

via Barron's

Africa’s Pulse: Charting the Road to Recovery

“COVID-19 could push up to 43 million people into extreme poverty in Africa, erasing at least five years of progress in fighting poverty. The road to recovery will be long, steep, and must be paved with sound economic policies.”

via World Bank

COVID-19 will push millions in middle-income nations into poverty, warns World Bank

“The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic will change the profile of global poverty by creating millions of ‘new poor’ who are relatively well-educated in urban areas of middle-income countries.”

via Financial Times

South Africa: Citizens bear COVID-19’s economic scars

“Rising debt, unemployment and hunger — this is the situation for millions of South Africans. The data published by Statistics South Africa paints a bleak picture as the number of unemployed people soars and households tighten their belts even further. The pandemic has only made a bad situation worse.”

via Mail & Guardian