News & Analysis: Poverty and inequality

COVID-19 has made fighting inequality more critical than ever

“Change can be daunting, but it is far less scary than the alternative. Radical changes in government policy, in business behaviour and in our personal choices over the past 18 months demonstrate that previously unthinkable actions can be undertaken.”

via Financial Times

COVID-19 is a global humanitarian emergency – act like it

“The world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a global health crisis, but it’s time we shift gears and recognise it for the global humanitarian emergency that it is.”

via The New Humanitarian

70% of G-7 citizens support sharing COVID-19 vaccine knowledge

“The Peoples Vaccine Alliance, along with a growing number of other voices, has called upon G-7 governments to support patent waivers for the technology, which would suspend intellectual property rights.”

via Devex

Who’s afraid of COVID-19? Somalia’s battle with the virus

“With one of the weakest health systems in the world and a government in turmoil, Somalia is struggling with a new wave of coronavirus infections that will likely lead to a surge in unrecorded and unrecognised deaths, health officials and aid workers warn.”

via The New Humanitarian

COVID-19 in Nigeria

“While the government was prompt to address the health and socio-economic dimensions of the pandemic, the lockdowns, school closures and other emergency restrictions were imposed hurriedly without adequate preparation and poor consultation with appropriate stakeholders.”


Policy responses to COVID-19 and socio-economic vulnerability of households in Mali

“This report systematically reconstructs and analyses the state and non-state responses to COVID-19 in Ghana and their impact on the wellbeing of Ghana’s poor and vulnerable, more specifically Kayayei in Accra, residents of Chorkor in Accra and market women in Bolgatanga.”


Namibia: More than 800 ditch medical cover amid pandemic

“Purchasing power has diminished due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, some Namibians have decided to forego their medical cover in favour of other priorities.”

via The Namibian

COVID-19: Are we really in this together?

“In March 2021, several wealthy member states of the World Trade Organisation rejected a request by more than 80 developing countries to waive patents for COVID-19 vaccines to increase access for some of the world’s poorest.”

via The Africa Report

Vaccines for Africa is a matter of global security, says Mo Ibrahim Foundation

“The continent is home to 17% of the world’s population and yet accounts for just 0.5% of global vaccine distribution, according to the latest data.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Economic recovery plans should address gender-based financial exclusion

“The government has initiated various programmes that have helped bridge the gender gap, including propelling women to senior leadership position and increased the enrolment of girls in schools among others. However, some challenges have persisted.”

via The New Times