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Cameroon Prisoners Blame Overcrowding, Poor Hygiene for COVID-19 Spread

“Prisoners in Cameroon’s overcrowded prisons are protesting what they say is neglect in prison centers, leading to a rapid spread of the coronavirus. Over the past month, protests were reported in several locations, including the Kondengui Maximum Security Prison in the capital, Yaounde, the New Bell prison in the coastal city of Douala, and the central prison in the English-speaking western town of Bamenda, according to authorities.”

via VOA News

Inmates grateful as COVID-19 vaccination exercise is taken to prisons

“The exercise started at the Nyarugenge Prison in Kigali, but it is expected to continue to other prisons as vaccines become more available in the country.”

via The New Times

Malawi prisons register no COVID-19

“The presidential task force on COVID-19 has been informed that are no active virus pandemic cases currently in the country’s correctional facilities. According to prison’s chief medical officer, the prison facilities recorded a total of 463 COVID-19 cases since registering the first case in July.”

via Nyasa Times

COVID-19: 30 more infections in Muhanga Prison (Rwanda)

“Prisons are the country’s main COVID-19 hotspot, after infections have been already reported from Nsinda, Nyarugenge and Muhanga prisons among others.”

via The New Times

Kenya: Alarm as COVID-19 patients throng intensive care units

“Twenty-two COVID-19 patients were last evening fighting for their lives under intensive care at various hospitals across the country, with 62 on supplementary oxygen and 16 in high dependency units. The Health ministry said 1,167 other patients were admitted to various hospitals and 3,464 were on home-based care.”

via Daily Nation

Kenya: Industrial Area Prison locked following surge in COVID-19 infections

“The Industrial Area Prison will not receive new lawbreakers in a bid to curtail the further spread of the deadly pandemic. The move is meant to curtail the movement of persons in and out of the prison which will break to the cycle of transmission”

via Tuko

Ethiopian worker migrants are stranded in worsening conditions in Saudi Arabia

“A new investigation from Amnesty International reports on the worsening, life-threatening treatment of Ethiopian migrants stranded in Saudi Arabia including prisoners who are chained in pairs, confined at all hours in a crowded detention center, forced to use an open floor as toilets, little medical care, beatings and several deaths.”

via Quartz Africa

About 16,000 migrants being held in just one Saudi centre, Ethiopian official reveals

“Dozens of Saudi prisons are housing Ethiopians and that about 16,000 Ethiopian migrants are being held at just one detention centre at Al Shumasi, near the holy city of Mecca. Using smuggled phones detainees detailed horrific accounts of disease, beatings, and suicide.”

via The Telegraph

Windhoek inmates fear for their safety

“Inmates at Windhoek Correctional Facility fear contracting COVID-19 after four of them, who spent time in a cell with other inmates, tested positive for the novel coronavirus last week.”

via The Namibian

African migrants ‘left to die’ in Saudi Arabia’s hellish COVID-19 detention centres

“Saudi Arabia, one of the wealthiest countries on earth, is keeping hundreds if not thousands of African migrants locked in heinous conditions reminiscent of Libya’s slave camps as part of a drive to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

via The Telegraph