News & Analysis: Second wave

COVID-19 hotspot alert for Cape Town as virus resurges

“The Western Cape Government said it is deeply concerned about the growing number of COVID-19 infections and hospitalisations in the province, which can now be considered as an established resurgence… Over the last week alone, the province has witnessed a 52.1% jump in new cases/”

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Kenya’s Frontline Health Workers Are Dying From COVID-19

Hundreds of health workers in Kenya have contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic, and 31 have died from the virus. Health workers are now asking for more protections, and a major trade union is preparing a strike.

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COVID-19 in Egypt: Between Governance and Flattening the Curve

“Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Dr. Hala Zayed speaks about managing the COVID-19 pandemic and what economic and health policies the country has taken to ensure public safety.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

WHO urges greater COVID-19 vigilance in Africa as holidays near

“After reporting a downward trend, then a plateau, Africa has been experiencing a rise in cases since early October. Unlike the first wave of cases which was triggered by hotspots in Southern Africa, the latest increase is driven by the North African region, where temperatures are beginning to fall.”

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Race is on to get Eastern Cape COVID-19 cases under control before festive season to prevent national spread

“Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize will visit the Eastern Cape this week, warning that the government is under pressure to get an outbreak of coronavirus infections in the province, and specifically in Nelson Mandela Bay, under control before it spreads to the rest of the country.”

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COVID-19 in schools: List of institutions that have reported positive cases since reopening

“Since schools were reopened on October 12, at least one teacher has died, one learner developed serious illness and over 100 have tested positive for COVID-19. The government has, however, insisted it would not close all schools to contain the surging menace arguing it is using a ‘surgical approach’ to curb spread.”

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Eastern Cape Health Dept.: Spike in Cases Putting Severe Pressure on Hospitals

“President Cyril Ramaphosa raised concern this week about the rapid increase in new COVID-19 cases reported in the Eastern Cape.”

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Museveni suspends his presidential campaigns over rising COVID-19 cases: “It’s very real”

“President Yoweri Museveni urged his competitors to follow suit to stop endangering the lives of Ugandans. The National Resistance Movement leader insisted that the disease is very real and does not discriminate between the young and the old as it is falsely believed.”

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A future COVID-19 African debt crisis?

“This week, private sector lenders rejected Zambia’s request for a payment holiday, and by doing so fuelled concerns that ‘Africa’ would be falling into a debt crisis.This kind of action and speculation is highly problematic. Not only does it label Africa’s 55 countries as one, it also appears to be based on information that is contrary to data and cannot be rationally explained.”

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COVID-19 new wave shuts European Union market for flower exporters

“Kenya’s flower industry stands to lose $7.3 million in sales in a second wave of massive losses as orders from key European Union markets slump due to a COVID-19 resurgence.”

via The East African