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COVID-19 in the Horn of Africa: Political and Economic Impacts

“COVID-19 has in many ways pushed the political and economic capacities of states and societies in the Horn of Africa to their limits but has in the process also displayed their resilience.”

via Africa at LSE

Kenyan cops cash in on COVID-19

“In Kenya, not wearing a mask in public carries a penalty of 20,000 shillings or six months imprisonment. Since the onset of COVID-19, the government has used the police to enforce health regulations — which has not gone well on several occasions.”

via Mail & Guardian

Extremism, Displacement, and COVID-19 in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin

“The challenges of displacement and extremism in sub-Saharan Africa are not novel, but the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating them and exposing operational weaknesses in response.”

via International Peace Institute

Conflict and coronavirus spark a hunger crisis in Burkina Faso

“The number of people in need of emergency food aid in Burkina Faso has tripled to more than 3.2 million – some 11,000 of whom are suffering from ‘catastrophe’ levels of hunger – as the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic hits a country already engulfed by violence.”

via The New Humanitarian

The Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Governance, Peace, and Security in the Horn of Africa

“COVID-19-related containment measures—together with the global recession, lower oil prices and damage to agriculture from locusts and flooding—are increasing poverty levels and jeopardizing livelihoods.”

via African Union and UNDP

Coronavirus in Burkina Faso: Living conditions worsen for displaced people as violence escalates and rainy season begins

“The number of displaced people seeking safety in Burkina Faso’s Center-North region has almost doubled in six months to 386,000 as a result of growing insecurity and violence in the region. Many have no option but to live in improvised shelters in remote areas, without basic services and exposed to the elements as the rainy season begins.”

via Africa News

Eritrea: Raising an Alarm of Impending Disaster

“The world is used to hearing optimistic claims from Eritrean authorities, but very few experts trust their statistics, particularly regarding the absence of any COVID-19-related deaths.”

via Eritrea Hub

Over 7,000 South African police officers contract COVID-19

“A total of 7,021 South African police officers have tested positive to COVID-19 while 53 have passed away, the Police Minister, Bheki Cele, said on Wednesday.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

The Price of Inaction During The COVID-19 Crisis

“It is better, cheaper, and more dignified to frontload responses to the pandemic and its secondary effects. Waiting and then reacting when the full impacts are already visible would be a more expensive proposition. Delaying action not only shifts the burden to the future, but the price of the response will also exponentially increase, as the crisis cascades and reverberates for years to come.”

via Center for Global Development

Crime and COVID-19: Lessons from Cape Town and Karachi

“Strict lockdowns implemented in a number of countries have led to some surprising outcomes. For example, in the first few weeks of lockdown in South Africa, cities recorded fewer deaths than any other time in recent history. Murder rates decreased by 72%, rape by 87%, and assault by 85%. Carjacking and robbery also reduced by around 80% and 60% respectively.”

via International Growth Centre