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COVID-19 in Africa: The Good News and the Bad

“There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will lead to enormous changes for countries in both Africa and the world. What might a post-COVID-19 Africa look like? We are starting to glimpse the shape of the continent to come—and it’s not all bad news (although there is plenty of that).”

via CSIS

COVID-19 deepens division in the Comoros Islands

“The arrival of coronavirus in the Comoros Islands has seen a disruption of informal migration routes and the unequal power relationship between the archipelago’s islands.”

via Africa is a Country

African elections and COVID-19: A crisis of legitimacy

“The combination of a pandemic and emergencies is lethal to both campaigning and competitive politics. In some countries, these measures threaten to run out the clock on the tenure of government with no clear means to renew or replace them. This could create a gap conducive to instability.”

via The New Humanitarian

Six Essential Themes for an Economic Recovery Roadmap

“Given the many unknowns about the pandemic, opinions vary wildly about the long-term medical implications, related solutions, and what will be needed to restore economies slowly and safely. COVID-19 is changing the business environment in practically every country, with most sectors in some form of crisis amid widespread fears of a protracted economic downturn.”

via Diplomatic Courier

How to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t stop peace efforts in Africa

“Disasters can transform conflict dynamics. Research shows that disasters such as COVID-19 can create opportunities for peace in conflict countries. For one, they can undermine the ability of conflict entrepreneurs to access conflict areas. This reduces incidents of violence. They can also create the conditions necessary for advancing peacebuilding processes in local communities.”

via The Conversation

Holding on to our humanity: Behind SA’s national lockdown

“In today’s episode of ‘Boots on the ground: behind SA’s lockdown,’ we place under the microscope the plight of our neighbours both locally and across our borders, and consider what happens to our humanity when we ignore the suffering of those around us.”

via Sunday Times (South Africa)

Burkina Faso struggles against COVID-19 and extremist threat

“Burkina Faso, with 20 million people, was already suffering an unprecedented humanitarian crisis fueled by attacks linked to Islamic militants and local defense groups.”

via Associated Press

South Africa is deploying its army to enforce the lockdown but also ramping up social spending

“South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa is set to deploy more than 70,000 members of the South African National Defence Force to join 2,300 troops already patrolling the country’s street in a bid to effectively enforce one of the strictest physical lockdowns on the continent. It is one of the largest army deployments in the country’s history.”

via Quartz Africa

South Africa to deploy tens of thousands more troops for lockdown

“South African President Cyril Ramaphosa plans to deploy more than 73,000 extra troops to help implement a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, the defence minister said. The country is four weeks into a strict police and military-enforced shutdown.”

via The East African

If the coronavirus doesn’t kill you…’ Kenyans’ reflections on security in the time of COVID-19

“While respondents may mostly feel like things are more secure at the moment, each day we seem to hear more fears that rising economic desperation will eventually result in a turn. People will need to steal just to eat, they say. They are already hearing about shops being robbed and wonder how long it will take until their own homes become targets.”

via FSD Kenya