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Boko Haram’s Shekau Labels Anti-COVID-19 Measures an Attack on Islam in Nigeria

“Abubakar Shekau, a Boko Haram faction leader, kidnapper-in-chief of the Chibok school girls, notorious for his grisly videos and brutal implementation of punishments of seventh century, Middle Eastern origin, this week issued an audio recording on the coronavirus after a long period of radio silence.”

via CFR

The Confluence of Conflict, Corruption, and Coronavirus in Burkina Faso

“The confluence of political, institutional, and societal breakdown, the murderous activity of militias and radical jihadist groups, the predation of criminal networks (often allied with other groups), corrupt and unresponsive government, and the coronavirus has produced a perfect storm of human misery in the small West African state of Burkina Faso.”

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In Burkina Faso, Aid Groups Face a Test of the ‘Humanitarian-Development Nexus’

“Mounting violence in Burkina Faso has plunged the once peaceful West African nation into crisis… Two million people are in need of assistance and almost 800,000 people are internally displaced. The country is also one of the hardest hit on the continent in terms of the coronavirus outbreak, with 384 confirmed cases and 19 deaths as of Wednesday.”

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The Coronavirus Could Heal Libya

“The pandemic might prompt the kind of cooperation needed to end the country’s civil war, after years of fighting and foreign intervention failed… Backed by direct U.N. support, the NCDC would quickly become the central coordinator of efforts to identify critical deficits, allocate distribution of supplies, and set standardized, pandemic-related regulation.”

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How Jihadi Groups in Africa Will Exploit COVID-19

“As the COVID-19 outbreak begins to spread in earnest in Africa, we can expect so-called jihadi groups on the continent to try to take advantage of the crisis to unleash violence and recruit members. We are already seeing indications that this has started happening. Governments, development workers, and aid agencies need to be made aware of this threat and take steps to deny these brutal militias more room to operate.”

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Ghanaians’ acceptance of security-related restrictions faces test with COVID-19 lockdown

“In late 2019, before ‘threat to public security’ would have brought to mind a virus, most respondents in a national Afrobarometer survey said they would accept restrictions on their freedom of movement, such as curfews and roadblocks, if public safety were threatened. Residents of Greater Accra and Ashanti are the first to put this willingness to the test.”

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COVID-19 and Africa’s Displacement Crisis

“The high densities of forcibly displaced populations and the mobility of migrants make both groups highly vulnerable to exposure and therefore a priority for reducing the spread of the coronavirus in Africa. This will require informed and efficient policy engagements and public messaging, as well as the tamping down of the stigmatization and fear-based xenophobia toward these groups.”

via Africa Center for Strategic Studies