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The Impact of COVID-19 in South Africa

“The onset of COVID-19 in South Africa has brought to the fore systemic weaknesses in the quality of service delivery such as water and sanitation services, housing, healthcare, and infrastructure in various communities across the country… The pandemic has also shone a spotlight on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) and responsiveness of financial tools such as unemployment insurance funds and credit life insurance policies, and raised questions about the overall flexibility and robustness of South Africa’s financial system in dealing with the impact and aftermath of such a multifaceted and rapidly evolving crisis.”

via Wilson Center

Coronavirus infections in Lagos reach 731, with 43 new cases

“Confirmed Coronavirus infections in Africa’s largest mega city, Lagos has reached 731 with 43 new cases reported on Sunday. Lagos’s total figures of 731 is more than half of the total National Coronavirus infections put at 1,273. On Sunday, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, announced 43 new infections for the State, a rise from the 33 cases it ramp up on Saturday.”

via P.M. News (Nigeria)

Thirty workers on Equatorial Guinea offshore oil platform test positive for coronavirus

“Thirty workers at an offshore oil platform in Equatorial Guinea, operated by ExxonMobil have tested positive for the new coronavirus, two sources close to the ministry told Reuters, one of the largest reported clusters in the sector so far.”

via Reuters

Big problems with South Africa’s coronavirus phone tracking system

“Not a single person has been tracked using the technology, with experts indicating that South Africa’s cellphone triangulation may not be good enough for the task. Cyanre Digital Forensic Lab’s Danny Myburgh said that this was a particular problem in the country’s rural areas, where base stations are kilometres apart.”

via Business Tech

‘It’s just beginning here’: Africa turns to testing as pandemic grips the continent

“Though some of the worst effects of infection may be mitigated by the relative youth of many people on the continent, others may be made more vulnerable by malnutrition or existing conditions, such as HIV. Under-resourced health systems are unlikely to cope with a significant surge of those infected by the disease… Many countries with populations numbering tens of millions have only a handful of ventilators.”

via The Guardian (UK)

Senegal’s $1 COVID-19 test kit and the race for a vaccine

“The billions being spent now could help return the economy back to normality. There is no guarantee that any of the vaccines will work. For now, on and off lockdowns and flare-ups of coronavirus could be the norm… In Senegal a laboratory has used its AIDS and Ebola experience to develop a $1 COVID-19 testing kit.”

via Al Jazeera

Mass COVID-19 tests begin as Rwanda readies for end of lockdown

“Rwanda is ramping up its testing for the coronavirus through periodic community testing and sampling in hospitals and clinics across the country… The plan is to carry out at least 1,000 targeted and random sample tests per day.”

via The East African

Strive Masiyiwa declares war on COVID-19

“Pan-African businessman Strive Masiyiwa has given 100,000 test kits for use in testing people from vulnerable and poor communities in Zimbabwe for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Masiyiwa has recently been stressing the importance of ‘testing and tracing’ in arresting the spread of the deadly virus.”

via The Zimbabwe Daily

COVID-19: An Opportunity for Health and Education

“Though the coronavirus pandemic has brought extraordinary challenges, it also presents states and institutions with the opportunity to assess and reform.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

South Africa is hunting down coronavirus with thousands of health workers

“As South Africa’s health experts watched the coronavirus race through Europe and begin to seed itself in their country, they made a pivotal decision.”

via The Washington Post