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East Africa slowly reopens for business after COVID-19 havoc

“Emboldened by the declining COVID-19 infections, EAC partner states are in the process or have already re-opened their borders, hotels and schools. EAC partner states are expected to lose more than $54 billion of local tourists spending for 2020, on account of protracted closures of seaports and airports.”

via The East African

Zimbabwe Seeks to Slow Exodus of Doctors as Economy Collapses

“Zimbabwe is seeking to tighten the rules on how a certificate which its doctors need in order to get work abroad is issued as medical professionals flee the country’s collapsing economy.”

via Bloomberg

African countries ‘ready to open our doors again to the world’

“All over Africa, encouraged by low or declining death and infection rates, countries are tentatively opening up in the hope of reviving pandemic-scarred economies. With significant variation from country to country, schools are reopening, curfews and travel restrictions are lifting, and markets are getting back to full capacity.”

via Financial Times

Tanzania: The lockdown-free ‘Sweden of Africa’ that’s welcoming British tourists

“Tanzania never issued a lockdown, reports a (dubiously) low case count, and you can enter restriction-free.”

via The Telegraph (UK)

Two new COVID-19 cases detected in Seychelles

“The two individuals are United Kingdom nationals living in the United Arab Emirates. Both visitors are asymptomatic and are in isolation at their hotel. Up to this point, they have had few close contacts locally and have followed all public health guidance during their stay.”

via Daily Nation

Gambia Tourism to Suffer $292 Million Loss Due to Coronavirus

“Gambia stands to lose $292 million as global travel restrictions imposed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic wreak havoc with the country’s tourism, a key source of foreign exchange. Government revenue from the hospitality industry is forecast to decline by $108 million this year, while the sector as a whole is forecast to suffer a loss of $184 million, according to an impact assessment by the national bureau of statistics.”

via Bloomberg

Namibia’s borders open, conditional to neighbours

“As the six-month long COVID-19 state of emergency lapses, Namibia’s borders are once again open but travel might still be limited as some other countries remain locked down.”

via The Namibian

South African Cabinet Considers Reopening International Borders

“The plan envisages borders being reopened in a two-phased approach, with travel initially being allowed within the continent before routes to destinations further afield are opened up, subject to conditions.”

via Bloomberg

COVID-19 team okays borders, airport opening (Uganda)

“The COVID-19 National Taskforce has proposed the reopening of Entebbe airport, borders, places of worship and universities for final year medical students. According to the proposals sent to President Museveni on Monday, the taskforce maintained the closure of schools, bars and public gyms.”

via Daily Monitor

Woes of hoteliers during COVID-19 (Uganda)

“Since the easing of the lockdown, some parts of the vulnerable economy were opened to resume business by the President. However for hoteliers, the ‘new normal’ is biting hard as they enforce the Standard Operation Procedures from the Ministry of Health such as social distancing.”

via Daily Monitor