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Toolkit for a Resilient Recovery

“How can local government systematically capture and analyze the evolving data? How can the dynamic information be articulated to all stakeholders in an accessible and clear manner? The Toolkit for a Resilient Recovery will support cities and local governments in establishing an agile and evidence-based process to plan their recovery from COVID-19.”

via Global Resilient Cities Network

Liberia’s urban poor are often overlooked but especially vulnerable to crises like COVID-19

“While the macroeconomic situation is set to affect prosperity at all levels of society, poor urban households participating in the informal economy are likely to be hit the hardest, with immediate concerns surrounding their ability to provide for themselves.”

via Grow Liberia

Empowering our cities to fight the pandemics of the future

“The overarching message was clear: the ability of cities to respond to the current pandemic has greatly exposed the inequalities across the world. Our cities, particularly across Africa which is the fastest urbanising continent, need to be better equipped to deal with future pandemics, and for that, we urgently need to confront the most critical roadblocks.”

via International Growth Centre

COVID-19 in African Cities: Impacts, Responses and Policies

“Globally, urban areas are the epicenters of the epidemic accounting for the vast majority of the confirmed COVID-19 cases. This report looks at the impacts, responses and policy pathways related to COVID 19 in the context of cities in Africa.”


COVID-19’s Impact in Kenya: Reflections from Joy Doreen Biira

Kenya-based journalist, Joy Doreen Biira shares her thoughts on COVID-19’s impacts in the Kibra slum in Nairobi, the community response, and what the priorities for a ‘new normal’ should be.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

The Post-COVID-19 Urban Challenges in Africa

COVID-19 is very much an urban disease. What does this mean for the world’s fastest urbanizing region, Africa?

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Urban agriculture: A viable safety net for the urban poor during times of crisis?

“One of the most devastating side effects of COVID-19 and the associated national lockdowns is the impact it is having on food access for the poor. Sub-Saharan Africa, with an already fragile food system, where rapid urbanisation and the rise of urban poverty pose substantial challenges to food security and nutrition, is likely to be hit the hardest.”

via International Growth Centre

How coronavirus affects Nairobi’s slum residents

“Participants expressed their single biggest unmet need was food (74%) followed by cash (17%). This may be related to 77% of participants reporting increased food prices and 87% noting household expenditures increased, as well as more than 4 out of 5 participants reporting complete or partial loss of income or employment.”

via The Conversation

Amid lockdown fears, COVID-19 threatens Ethiopia’s urban poor

“According to the Federal Jobs Creation Commission’s recent estimate, there are nearly 1.9 million self-employing businesses in Ethiopia’s cities. Most are in the informal service sector… Given the uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis, the commission estimates conservatively that around 750,000 jobs could disappear in the next three months, most of them in the cities.”

via Ethiopia Insight

Ghost towns and crackdowns: The politics of urban COVID-19 control

“In the face of this threat, a number of developing countries, including South Africa and Rwanda, quickly implemented some of the most extreme forms of lockdown worldwide, with major South African cities turned overnight into deserted ghost towns.”

via Effective States & Inclusive Development