News & Analysis: Urbanization

COVID-19: Kenya’s most vulnerable populations

“Experts now worry that with areas that are congested and those that carry most of the urban poor now reporting cases, the risk of community transmission is even higher.”

via Daily Nation

This is the best time to plan for urban Africa’s next health emergency

“The vast majority of news and opinion pieces on Africa and the pandemic have focused on the potential for devastation and the need for reactive responses that have ranged from protection to solidarity. But what is missing from these discussions, both in Africa and beyond is the urgent need for foresight to address the social, environmental and economic factors that have inadvertently colluded to contribute to the emergence of a pandemic.”

via Quartz Africa

COVID-19 lockdowns threaten Africa’s vital informal urban food trade

“As COVID-19 begins its spread across Africa, concerns are growing about how the pandemic will affect the region’s already fragile food systems, especially in densely packed cities. Much of the region’s urban population works in the informal sector—many in wet markets and as street vendors—and depends on it for food.”