News & Analysis: US-Africa relations

It’s Time to Help Africa Fight the Virus

“If COVID-19 spreads across Africa, it would not only be a human catastrophe for the continent, but one that threatens the Northern Hemisphere with future outbreaks and further human and economic losses. What is true in the United States, where people in poor and minority neighborhoods are dying in disproportionate numbers, is true for the world as a whole: No one will be safe so long as anyone is at risk.”

via Foreign Policy

When it Comes to COVID-19, Foreign Aid is Domestic Aid

“American-led aid helps people to improve their lives through better health, education and jobs, and in doing so, curbs undocumented immigration, builds stronger foreign markets for American companies, and stabilises conflict that would otherwise put Americans and our allies at risk.”

via Palladium

The Pandemic Presents an Opportunity to Refresh U.S. Policy toward Africa

“This unfolding tragedy presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine U.S. policies, programs, and public diplomacy in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the end of the Cold War, U.S. policy toward the region has been fairly consistent. ‘Bipartisan consensus’ has been a mantra – and a source of pride – in Africa policy circles.”

via CSIS

Neither East Nor West

“For Africa, COVID-19 is a critical reminder of just how peripheral the continent is in the current geopolitical framework… At the same time, the collapse into nationalism and self-preservation in other countries is a jolting reminder that African governments are far too dependent on the benevolence of other regions, plus the secondary benefits of containment progressing well elsewhere.”

via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Between Friendship and Enmity: US-Sudan Relations in the Time of COVID-19

“One of the biggest handicaps to Africa’s consumer revolution is a lack of transportation and communication infrastructure and Sudan is well placed to be a lynchpin connecting the different African growth economies to one another. Yet, the US remains at best ambivalent and at worst contemptuous toward Sudan’s potential and recent progress.”

via African Arguments

Convincing lawmakers to support global COVID-19 response is a ‘struggle’

“Americans and U.S. lawmakers are focused almost exclusively on the domestic response to the pandemic, Coons said, adding that 90% of the conversations he is having with other senators are about domestic response.”

via Devex

Powering Sub-Saharan Africa’s COVID-19 Response – Beyond the Grid

“Through Power Africa and USAID, the United States Government is increasing access to electricity for health centers and communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Improved access to electricity strengthens our partner countries’ self-reliance and capacity to manage COVID-19.”


Powering the COVID-19 Response on Uganda’s Bugala Island

“Through Power Africa and USAID, the United States Government is increasing access to electricity for health centers and communities across Uganda. Improved access to electricity strengthens Uganda’s self-reliance, and capacity to manage COVID-19.”