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Cost of COVID-19 Vaccine in Roll-Out Plan in Kenya

“Kenyans could pay as low as Ksh 327 or as high as Ksh 2,725 for a COVID-19 vaccine depending on the type that will be approved by the Ministry of Health. Astra Zeneca stated that it would sell its vaccine to developing countries at US $3 (Ksh 327). Other vaccines on the market include one made by Pfizer which will cost nearly Ksh 2,000 a dose and Moderna’s which trades at between Ksh1,635 and Ksh2,725.”


How COVID-19 vaccine registration will work in South Africa

“Before any COVID-19 vaccines can be made available in South Africa, they must be authorised by South Africa’s medicines regulator – the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).”

via Daily Maverick

A successful Ebola vaccine delivery shows how a COVID-19 vaccine would work in Africa

“The Ebola vaccine developed by Merck also used ultra-cold equipment of about -70 oC and we were able to deploy that vaccine in the Democratic Republic of Congo to respond to the North Kivu outbreak where more than 300,000 people were immunized.”

via Quartz Africa

Rwanda seeks $15m to acquire COVID-19 vaccine once available

“As a country, we are currently part of the Covax framework, a global initiative that aims to speedily and affordably secure doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for member countries, once the vaccine is available. We are therefore mobilizing $15 million that we’ll spend on acquiring doses of the vaccine once it is available.”

via The New Times

Kagame calls for equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine

“President Paul Kagame has told global leaders that the world should come together in the fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic through equitable distribution of vaccines.”

via The New Times

Local pharma makers pursue COVID-19 vaccine deals

“The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana has begun moves to pursue the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines for onward distribution across the country. PMAG will be petitioning government for support to achieve this aim for economic transformation and to boost the sector’s fortunes.”

via BFT Online

What the Major COVID-19 Vaccine Announcements Mean for Nigeria

“Access is only the first challenge that will need to be addressed for widespread vaccination against COVID-19 in Nigeria. There are also concerns about the state of cold chain infrastructure and perceptions of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine among the population.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Libya to buy Coronavirus vaccine

“The Head of the Supreme Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Khalifa Al-Bakoush, said on Sunday that the committee, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, has already begun to take all the procedures to obtain 6,000 Coronavirus vaccines.”

via Libya Observer

The lowdown on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

“The recent announcement of a promising COVID-19 vaccine is good news. But don’t get too excited: other more affluent countries have already bought up most of the doses, and we do not own the expensive technology necessary to store and transport it.”

via Mail & Guardian

Four foreign firms apply to supply Kenya with COVID-19 drug

“Kenya has received four applications from foreign pharmaceuticals seeking to import a drug cleared to treat severe COVID-19 patients.”

via Daily Nation