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World Bank Provides its Second Support to Rwanda’s COVID-19 Response

“The supplemental financing which comes in the form of budget support, will enable the Government of Rwanda to prepare a timely fiscal response to the economic shock from the COVID-19 pandemic, set up platforms for policy development and coordination of prevention and preparedness, and safeguard the reform agenda supported by the budget support series.”

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World Bank Makes US$35 Million Available to Support Tunisia Through Coronavirus Crisis

“Together, the US$35 million will provide the Ministry of Health with essential equipment and medical supplies to reinforce its COVID 19 response and prevention capacity.”

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Lagos, Rivers, 10 others shut out as FG disburses N43b World Bank performance grant

“The transparency fund is not a loan, therefore, it is not to be repaid by the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, Lagos and four states in the South-South, namely Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers and Bayelsa missed the mark, as it was believed they were found wanting in their fiscal transparency.”

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South Sudan to Benefit from World Bank Support for Social Safety Net

“The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a $40 million International Development Association (IDA*) grant for the benefit of the people of South Sudan. The South Sudan Safety Net Project (SSSNP) will expand access to safety net and provide income security for low income South Sudanese, while strengthening delivery tools and local level capacities.”

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Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger Join West Africa Regional Identification Program to Help Millions of People Access Services

“The World Bank approved today $273 million in International Development Association financing for Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger to facilitate access to services for millions of people, especially women and the poorest segments of society.”

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World Bank Approves $21.15 Million for COVID-19 Response in Burkina Faso

“The World Bank today approved $21.15 million in financing, of which 50% grant and 50% credit from the International Development Association (IDA)* to help Burkina Faso respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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Maximizing Impact: How the GFF Trust Fund Complements and Adds Value to IDA

“As a country-driven multi-stakeholder partnership and platform, the GFF supports governments in bringing partners together around a common set of priorities with focus on results; this leads to synergies being identified between IDA funding and the financing of other development partners, which enable the IDA financing to achieve more and stronger results in aggregate.”

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COVID-19 Dampens Kenya’s Economic Outlook

“Kenya’s GDP is projected to decelerate substantially in 2020 due to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic… The latest World Bank Kenya Economic Update predicts growth of 1.5 percent in 2020 in the baseline scenario, with a potential downside scenario of a contraction to 1.0 percent.”

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While Creating Fiscal Space for COVID-19 in Developing Countries, Be Sure to Consult Civil Society

“Examples of the importance of engaging citizens and local networks during epidemics abound. During the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak, local community leaders were important in disseminating timely preventative information. Today in Kenya, grassroots organizations have already emerged—including from the Kibera slum in Nairobi—setting up handwashing stations and combatting misinformation.”

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Benin: An Additional $10.4 million to Fight Coronavirus

“The World Bank today approved additional financing of $10.4 million from the International Development Association to support Benin’s efforts to fight COVID-19 (coronavirus) and help the country respond to public health emergencies. These funds bring the total sum allocated by the World Bank for Benin’s emergency measures to some $40 million.”

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