Economic Recovery: Can Technology Alone Lift African Economies?

“A critical starting point will be in the area of education and skills, which are essential to harness new technologies, to attract strategic investors, and to promote the local private sector in new digitally-based economic activities.”

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16 new lineages of SARS-CoV-2 emerge in South Africa despite lockdown

“Unique mutations leading to 16 new lineages of the causal agent, SARS-CoV-2, have been identified in the South African population. These unique strains, not found elsewhere in the world, are thought to have contributed around 42% to the country’s total infection rate.”

Quelles réformes pour encourager la croissance du secteur privé et attirer les investissements en Afrique post-COVID-19?

Lionel Zinsou, Premier ministre du Bénin de juin 2015 à avril 2016, échange avec le Milken Institute au sujet de la croissance du secteur privé en Afrique post-COVID-19.

Quels sont les impacts du COVID-19 sur la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique de l’ouest?

Dr. Mabouba Diagne, vice-président de la Banque de la CEDEAO pour l’investissement et le développment, échange avec le Milken Institute au sujet de la sécurité alimentaire.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

COVID-19: Federal Government receives 2,000 Nigerian-made face masks from Israel

““The Israeli Embassy in Nigeria led by H.E. Simoh Bem Soshan which earlier planned a donation of 10,000 face masks to medical staff who are in the frontline in Nigeria, has made good its promise coming with the second donation of 2,000 today, Wednesday, 12th August, 2020. The earlier donation of the first installment of 2,000 was made earlier on Thursday, 7th May, 2020.”

via The Nation (Nigeria)

Magufuli defies COVID-19

“While most East African countries imposed far-reaching lockdowns in response to COVID-19, Tanzania decided on a ‘laissez-faire’ approach… Despite significant international criticism at the outset, Tanzania appears to have struck a balance that weighs the country’s economic needs with its demographic reality.”

School closures come at a cost

Professor Shabir Madhi, a professor of vaccinology at the University of the Witwatersrand, said, “The closure of the schools is going to do more harm than good… Teachers are simply not getting infected at school. If teachers are getting infected, they’re getting infected like every other member of the community and those infections are taking place in communities… Most infections in children are probably going to occur because of adults infecting children. Adults in the household who are going to spend more close time with the child are more likely to infect the child than children who are speaking to each other or playing with each other”.

via Mail & Guardian

Egypt’s homeless children hit hard by pandemic scourge

“Young people and children who roam the streets are among the poorest and are regularly exposed to verbal, physical and sexual violence and exploitation. The novel coronavirus, which has killed nearly 4,000 people and infected around 83,000 more in Egypt, has compounded their vulnerability, as the country battles an economic downturn and access to support is reduced due to lockdown measures.”

via Arab News