News & Analysis: Vaccine access and delivery

Kenyans Seeking Medical Treatment in India Stranded as COVID-19 Cases Soar

“As COVID-19 cases soar in India, Kenyans seeking specialised medical treatment in the Asian country have been having a hard time as hospitals fill to capacity with patients.”

via Tuko

The Vaccine Pause Heard Round the World

“The stakes of vaccine confidence are very high, with COVID-19 infections surging across the globe at a clip of more than 700,000 new cases per day. As concerns arise about side effects, public health agencies have to move quickly to access data, assess risks, make clear decisions, and explain those decisions to the public. In doing so, these agencies must work together.”

via Foreign Affairs

Botswana to receive donation of COVID-19 vaccines from China

“Botswana has been battling a surge of cases which earlier this month forced the government to extend a state of public emergency by a further six months to curb the spread of the virus.”

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The International Community Has One Job: Getting COVID-19 Under Control

“We have seen calls for solidarity and kindness fall on deaf ears—it is time to stop hoping or pretending that this will be enough. What’s really needed is concerted action, dedicated financing, and a pact among nations to finally deal with COVID-19.”

via Center for Global Development

Help or Hindrance? Vaccine Diplomacy in Africa

Africa has been identified as a battleground for vaccine diplomacy, where after receiving limited vaccines from western suppliers, countries have recently increasingly looked to China and Russia to bolster inoculation supplies. Feminist human rights practitioner, Mandipa Machacha weighs in on whether this all is a help or a hindrance to the continent.

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Deals signed to make coronavirus vaccine in Egypt

“Two agreements have been signed between the Egyptian Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines, and the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech for biopharmaceuticals, to manufacture the coronavirus vaccine in Egypt.”

via Arab News

AstraZeneca: Lagos investigating two cases of suspected blood clot

“The Lagos State Government has robust surveillance systems to effectively monitor and track untoward events and I would like to urge anyone who experiences any adverse events to call the number of the LGA Disease Surveillance Notification written in front of the vaccination card so that such cases can be thoroughly investigated and monitored.”

via PM News

Lagos shuts COVID-19 vaccination centres

“The conclusion of the first phase, which took an average of 20 days, followed the Federal Government’s directive to stop vaccination once half of the consignment had been administered so that those who received the first dose will have an opportunity for the second dose.”

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Kenya: Gov’t to Import Johnson & Johnson Vaccines to Back up AstraZeneca Jabs

“The government’s decision to import the Johnson & Johnson vaccines had been invoked by challenges in the global supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to the situation in India.”

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How South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine injury fund will work

“South Africa has secured enough vaccine doses to vaccinate 46-million people against COVID-19, but the agreements to get shots into the country come with a catch.”

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