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Uganda: World Bank Provides $300 Million to Close COVID-19 Financing Gap and Support Economy Recover

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a $300 million budget support operation for Uganda to boost the Government’s capacity to prevent, detect and treat the coronavirus, protect the poor and vulnerable population, and support economic recovery.”

via World Bank

Half of Ugandan banks fail pandemic liquidity test

“More than half of Uganda’s commercial banks would have collapsed if the Central Bank had enforced a three-month customer loans repayments holiday at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector regulator has revealed. A stress test conducted on Uganda’s 25 banks showed most would not have survived the cash crunch since loan interest income accounts for 60 percent of their revenue.”

via The East African

Coronavirus accelerates in Africa as economic damage deepens

“Africa is reeling from the economic ravages of the coronavirus. Now the disease itself is accelerating across the continent.”

via Axios

Stranded Ugandans decry government delays as 32 return

“More than 1,000 Ugandans who are stranded in the United Arab Emirates have decried delays in being repatriated and asked government to speed up the process. The request comes after 32 Ugandans returned yesterday from Khartoum in Sudan.”

via Daily Monitor

COVID-19 could upend several African countries’ plans to fuel economic growth with oil and gas

“When coronavirus forced the world into lockdown, it punched a hole in global oil demand and sent prices crashing to historic lows. The result was an overnight fiscal catastrophe for oil-dependent African economies like Nigeria that were accustomed to building their budgets on oil prices double what they are now.”

via Quartz Africa

Using Google Mobility Data to Assess COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies in East Africa

“We look at mobility data from Google to see how effective four East African countries have been in reducing social interaction in line with the kind of suppression strategies health experts were recommending at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Shifting Spaces: COVID-19 responses across the African Great Lakes region

“In the African Great Lakes region responses to COVID-19 have not only been shaped by government information, but by the intervention of herbalists, traditional healers, religious leaders and customary authorities. Often healthcare is provided by relatives and between households.”

via Africa at LSE

The view from Gulu on Uganda’s food distribution and corona-politics

“We have been researching dynamics of public authority and local governance here for many years, and it is striking the extent to which resources intended to provide relief to those most severely affected by food insecurity during the lockdown are subject to the political machinations of local politicians with ambitions to run for office in 2021.”

via Africa at LSE

COVID-19: Kenyan truck driver dies while awaiting clearance at Uganda checkpoint

“A Kenyan truck driver has died under unclear circumstances while awaiting clearance at Uganda checkpoint. The body of Samuel Kinywa Wangware, 35, was found inside the cabin of his truck at Busitema revenue checkpoint in Busia district by his colleague, Paul Njoroge.”

via Tuko

How gov’t is preparing for rising coronavirus cases

“Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health, said government has excluded use of general hospitals and health centre IVs for treatment of COVID-19 cases to ensure continuity of care with regular services without disruption. The Ministry of Health had estimated and prepared 3,200 isolation beds and 378 ICU beds at national referral hospitals, regional referral hospitals, general hospitals and health centre IVs.”

via Daily Monitor