News & Analysis: Uganda

World Bank Provides US$300 Million Additional Financing To Boost Service Delivery Through Local Governments in Uganda

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved $300 million in additional financing to the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers Program for Results to boost local governments service delivery in education, health, water and environment, and micro irrigation, including in areas hosting large populations of refugees.”

via World Bank

African youth and mixed livelihoods: Tech provides silver lining amid pandemic

“Digital job-matching platforms in Africa are reducing information asymmetries for the youth and connecting them to new forms of self-employment. These digital platforms are providing not only a job-matching function but also skills training to enhance the employability of the youth.”

via Cenfri

Kemri becomes regional lab for COVID-19 (Kenya)

“Laboratories at the Kenya Medical Research Institute will now sequence the genomes of COVID-19 viruses collected from neighbouring countries in East Africa. The institute has joined a network of 12 specialised laboratories that will provide sequencing, data analysis and other technical support services to countries that have no capacity.”

via The Star (Kenya)

Africa’s catastrophic COVID-19 response

“As COVID-19 began to sweep across the planet earlier this year, countries on the African continent rushed to follow the lead of rich nations that were visibly struggling to cope with pandemic. Many closed borders, shut businesses and locked down citizens. Such actions won praise from global health bodies. Yet were blunt lockdowns really the right approach in Africa?”

via Unherd

IDA: Securing a more resilient future in fragile and conflict-affected settings

“Under the 18th replenishment of IDA, which ended in June, the World Bank has more than doubled its support in fragile and conflict-affected situations over three years, from $10.2 billion to $23 billion. Thanks to this, over 38 million people have accessed essential health services, more than 15 million children have been immunized, and over 17 million people have benefitted from social safety net programs.”

via World Bank

COVID-19 has exposed private sector investment opportunities

“Nearly 1.6 billion people’s livelihoods are now threatened, with the greatest impact being felt by those in the informal sector. However, the pandemic has also brought to the fore numerous opportunities in that the private sector can now harness.”

via Daily Monitor

As Africa’s COVID-19 cases rise, religious faith put to test

“The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the patience of some religious leaders across Africa who worry they will lose followers, and funding, as restrictions on gatherings continue.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

Missing datasets

“Data on morbidity and mortality from non-COVID-19 causes but due to COVID lockdowns is largely missing. Data on the number of women who faced domestic abuse, and children who were sexually abused, is missing. Data on the response by governments to these women and children is, of course, also missing.”

via Africa is a Country

COVID-19 team okays borders, airport opening (Uganda)

“The COVID-19 National Taskforce has proposed the reopening of Entebbe airport, borders, places of worship and universities for final year medical students. According to the proposals sent to President Museveni on Monday, the taskforce maintained the closure of schools, bars and public gyms.”

via Daily Monitor

Africa’s COVID-19 corruption: ‘Theft doesn’t even stop during a pandemic’

“Doctors have gone on strike over a lack of protective equipment, and protesters have taken to the streets in anger at the abuse of medical funds… Public uproar in Kenya in recent weeks has highlighted the depth of frustration over the handling of aid to combat coronavirus, not just in the east African country but across the continent as a whole.”

via Financial Times