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The Problem-solver

“When COVID-19 struck Africa and country-wide lockdowns began, Obi Ozor, founder and CEO of Kobo360 —an African company that is digitizing cargo delivery and connecting truck drivers with cargo companies—knew he had to act fast. The only way the business would outlast the pandemic, he realized, was if Kobo360’s operations went 100 percent digital.”

via IFC

Uganda: Watongola death awakens COVID-19 reality in Busoga

“After the news of Rehema Watongola’s death circulated on social and mainstream media outlets, Ms. Kadaga suspended her campaigns until further notice to mourn her parliamentary colleague. Ms Kadaga reminded the public to adhere to the standard operating procedures and live with the reality of COVID-19.”

via Daily Monitor

Museveni suspends his presidential campaigns over rising COVID-19 cases: “It’s very real”

“President Yoweri Museveni urged his competitors to follow suit to stop endangering the lives of Ugandans. The National Resistance Movement leader insisted that the disease is very real and does not discriminate between the young and the old as it is falsely believed.”

via Tuko

How have Malawi’s courts affected the country’s epidemic response?

“Lockdown measures in Malawi have been met with fierce public demonstrations and legal challenges, set against further constitutional orders to rerun the previous year’s election.”

via Africa at LSE

US terminates COVID-19 cash transfer to Uganda’s poor

“The USAID has terminated its COVID-19 cash transfer programme in Uganda. The decision followed the Ugandan government’s indefinite suspension of GiveDirectly, a non-profit organisation that was conducting the programme.”

via Vanguard

Sierra Leone locked down early to contain COVID-19, but at a high price

“Sierra Leone locked down early and appears to have COVID-19 under control. But the country has paid a very high economic price, with the vast majority of people missing meals or eating less. Researchers warn that if the virus begins to spread again, these sacrifices may be hard to justify and replicate.”

via International Growth Centre

Restrictions in trade to contain COVID-19 have been devastating for Africa’s urban poor

“In Africa, there’s a growing body of evidence showing that firms – from large to very small – have been severely affected by restrictions in the movement of goods and people. For many this means not only losing a livelihood, but a direct impact on their ability to meet basic needs.”

via The Conversation

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Community Health Workers Support Sustainable Health Systems and COVID-19 Response

“Community health workers have been critical in risk communication, contact tracing, transporting supplies, and ensuring the continuity of essential services. Community health workers serve as the link between the community and the response team, which is important to building trust and encouraging the uptake of health interventions.”

via Wilson Center

COVID-19 and migrant remittances: Supporting this essential lifeline under threat

“Facilitating remittance flows is one of the best ways to directly support people in need, provide an economic boost to countries, and thereby quicken an international recovery.”

via Brookings Institution

COVID-19 cited for contraction of East African economies

“Regional economies received a battering courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the numbers now just prove how damaging.”

via The East African